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General information

What is Rentman 4G?

Rentman 4G is the latest version of our rental software. We have built Rentman 4G from the ground up. It has a more modern and user-friendly interface and a lot new functionalities.

What has been changed in Rentman 4G

Rentman 4G has a completely new interface which allows you to work faster while maintaining a clear overview. A lot of new functionalities have been added to give you more flexibility and possibilities.

A few noticeable changes are a completely new module for warehouse management, a visual crew & transport planning, extra possibilities to create custom overviews and sub projects.

Will my account be automatically transferred to Rentman 4G?

No. Rentman 4G is a completely new system with different interface and functionalities. Therefore we ask all Rentman 3 users to test Rentman 4G and get accustomed to the software before migrating. After you are comfortable with working in Rentman 4G you can manually switch accounts.

Will I be imposed to switch to Rentman 4G?

No. We will keep supporting Rentman 3 and solve all critical bugs and issues. In the meantime we advance further development and optimization of Rentman 4G. In time we would like all our users to work with Rentman 4G. All Rentman 3 users will be notified ahead of time when this is the case.

Is Rentman 4G safe and stable enough to work in?

Yes. We have tested Rentman 4G extensively and optimized it. All data traffic is secured and automatically backed up to prevent any loss of data. It is possible that you will encounter a bug in the system. In that case you can contact support ( with a description of the problem (preferably with screenshot) and we’ll be happy to solve this.

Will my pricing plan change when switching to Rentman 4G?  

We have changed our subscription packages for Rentman 4G with more flexible pricing options for different business needs. The new pricing levels are similar to Rentman 3. Our Rentman Pro version includes a lot of new functionalities and therefore has a slightly higher price level for larger companies. Whether you are going to pay more or less for Rentman 4G depends on your business needs and amount of power users.

> See our new subscription packages

Trying Rentman 4G

Can I try Rentman 4G before migrating?

Yes. Because Rentman 4G is in many ways a different system we urge all our users to do proper testing before switching accounts. In this way you can get accustomed to its new functionalities and interface.

How can I try Rentman 4G?

You can set up a Rentman 4G account within Rentman 3. We copy your Rentman 3 information to a new and separate database with which you can work in Rentman 4G.

> How to setup your Rentman 4G account.

Can I test/work with my own projects?

Yes. When you’re on a Rentman 3 account we will copy your data to a newly created Rentman 4G database. This allows you to work with your own projects, contacts, employees etc. in Rentman 4G without affecting your Rentman 3 data.

Are there bugs in the software?

Because Rentman 4G is a relatively new product it is possible that you will encounter a bug in the system. In that case you can contact support ( with a description of the problem (preferably with screenshot) and we’ll be happy to solve this.

Can I use my custom templates in Rentman 4G?

Rentman 4G operates with many different functionalities and variables. Unfortunately we are not able to transfer your Rentman 3 custom templates to 4G. This means that you have to reconfigure your custom templates manually. Please contact support if you need any help with this.

Migrating to Rentman 4G

Do I keep my data when activating Rentman 4G?

Yes. After you have tried and tested Rentman 4G you have two options for the database. You can either choose to retain the data you worked with in Rentman 4G or (re)copy your Rentman 3 database.

Are there good reasons to wait with migrating to Rentman 4G?

We have developed Rentman to be more extensive, faster and user-friendly. However, some functionalities are not yet available. In case you rely on one of these functionalities in Rentman 3 it would be better to postpone your activation to a later moment.

> See what you need to check before activating your Rentman 4G account.

What functionalities are not (yet) available in Rentman 4G?

Rentman 4G has a lot of functions that are not included in Rentman 3. Since the software foundation is different, many functions of Rentman 3 operate differently or are not included in Rentman 4G. Because of the different setup we are not able to provide a comprehensive list of missing functionalities.

We advise waiting with activation when one of these functions is vital to your operations in Rentman. See this article for a full list of currently missing functions in Rentman 4G.

Can start using Rentman 4G immediately after activation?

The majority of your data will be transferred automatically to Rentman 3. However, there are some settings you need to (re)configure, this includes your presets and custom templates. Please consult our support center sections for Rentman 4G setup and daily use for more information.  

Where can I find more information on working with Rentman?

In our Support Center you can find articles on setting up and working with Rentman 4G. If you need any help with specific issues and questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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