What's new in Rentman 4G?

Rentman 4G is the newest version of our software, and comes with a modern and more flexible user interface. Rentman 4G includes new and important modules such as the Crew planner and Warehouse, and has many new functionalities that will save you a lot of time.

In this article, we list the most important additions and changes.-

Modern interface

We have completely renewed Rentman’s interface, allowing you to work faster and easily switch between different tabs.

Tabs instead of pop-up windows
Rentman 4G works with tabs that allow you to easily switch between your work, without having to exit your projects.

Rentman 4G is fully responsive. Its interface automatically adapts to the size of your browser window and tablet screen.

The Widgets sidebar provides a more detailed view of your projects, equipment and contacts. You can quickly add tasks, notes and files to a selected item.

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Presets and filters
You can work with custom presets and filters in your projects, schedules and database items. This allows you to generate specific overviews according to your preferences. For example, a list of all projects in option for the coming two weeks.

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Configure your overviews 
Rentman 4G gives you more flexibility in adjusting your overviews. In the My Schedule module, for example, you can view your projects per day, week or month. In the Projects module, you can view your projects in a list, per day, in a schedule, or in our new timeline.

Every user can now receive notifications in Rentman. Account managers will be updated when a quotation has been accepted, and freelancers will be made aware that their function has been scheduled. By clicking on a notification, you will be redirected to the relevant module. You can also choose what you want to receive notifications about, and how to receive them.

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New modules

Warehouse module
The new Warehouse module centralizes and streamlines all warehouse communication and action. It is organized as a collaborative workflow which gives all (warehouse) staff insight in the logistic status of your projects and equipment: see what projects need to be prepared and what project equipment is inbound. Equipment status can be adjusted manually within Rentman or simply by scanning items. This way, you can quickly change and see the location of equipment in real-time. Missings and defaults can also be quickly dealt with.

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Crew planner module
The visual Crew planner module provides a complete overview of your staff and crew functions. Rentman 4G automatically displays available staff when selecting a crew function. You can easily generate overviews of pending actions for your projects. The drag-and-drop interface enables you to quickly make adjustments to your schedules.

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My Schedule: portal for employees and freelance workers
You freelance workers and employees can access their personal schedule in Rentman 4G. Their personalized schedule provides them with all relevant project information for all projects on which they are scheduled.

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The improved dashboard in Rentman 4G gives you a complete overview of your scheduling, pending tasks and to-do’s. Instantly see where action is required and navigate quickly to the concerning project, task or schedule.

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Function groups
Crew function can be more easily grouped within Rentman 4G. This gives you a better overview and allows you to link multiple staff functions to a specific period.

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More project features

Rentman 4G has more options for creating and handling your projects.

You can make sub projects within Rentman 4G. This can come in handy when working with multiple stages, locations, timelines etc.

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Project templates
When you have recurring or similar projects you can create project templates ased on information of previous projects. The predefined settings in the templates let you increase your work speed when creating projects.

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Sales projects
In case you’re working with sales items, you can include this more easily in Rentman 4G by creating projects without having to set a duration.

Project timeline
Rentman 4G gives you the option to show your projects on a timeline. This makes it easier to see when your projects will run, and when a busy period will arrive. 

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New features

Time registration: link worked hours to a project function
In Rentman 4G you can plan crew members on a function. When your employee or freelance worker registers his/her hours, they can link this to the function they fulfilled. Furthermore, employees and freelancers can specify worked hours and tasks, online or in the app.

Rentman app: push notifications and personal schedule
The Rentman app is updated with new functionalities and interface. Through push notifications crew members immediately receive their schedule updates and can quickly respond. Crew members can also consult their schedule and register worked hours in the app.

Factor groups
You can create multiple factor groups for different equipment groups. The factor determines how much discount will be calculated for longer rental periods. In Rentman 4G you are more flexible with factor groups, so you can set a lower factor for rigging materials for example.

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Discount groups
You can assign discount groups to equipment and contacts. This way, you can quickly give discount to a specific equipment group, or a specific customer.

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Custom input fields
You can create extra input fields to add additional information to various modules (projects, contacts, employees, and more) in Rentman 4G. For example, a new field that adds a color value to equipment items. Additional information can be displayed on your documents (invoices, packing slips) and as filter values.

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Select and edit multiple items at once
By holding Shift, you can select multiple items and edit them at the same time. This allows you to quickly add equipment items to the webshop, change the discount percentage of equipment items in projects or edit remarks regarding crew functions.

Performing calculations in pricing fields
We have equipped every pricing field with the option to do calculations. In every field that contains a price you can add (+), subtract (-), divide (/) and multiply (*) your input.

Import your data
You can upload an .xlsx file (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets) to import (or update) your equipment, contacts, crew members and vehicles. You can also use this to, for example, easily import a pricing list to update your equipment prices.

Periodic inspectionsn
Plan periodic inspections for your equipment, even per serial number. This helps keep an overview of serial numbers that are unavailable due to an inspection.

Improved email invitations
We have restructured invitation emails for a better overview of planned times and locations. Multiple invitations for a single crew member can now also be combined into a single email. 
New invitations are first placed in a queue, and combined with any other invitations for a crew member.

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Quickbooks connection
By connecting Quickbooks to Rentman, you can let Rentman automatically export your invoices to Quickbooks. All information and relevant contacts of your generated invoice are sent to Quickbooks. From that moment on, you can do the rest of the accounting in Quickbooks.

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Online payments for Euro currency
Online payments for the Euro currency are now possible in Rentman. Your clients can now pay your invoices online, quickly and easily. We have developed an integration with online payment provider Mollie. With this service, your customers can pay invoices using credit card, PayPal and other integrations.

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Real-time status of our services
You can always see the status of our services on status.rentman.io. On this page, you can check whether all Rentman systems are online and functioning properly. You can also subscribe to our live updates via email and text-messages. By doing this you will receive a notification if an incident occurs and all the updates we post regarding the issue.

Omitted and planned functionalities

Some features of Rentman 3 are currently not present in Rentman 4G. In most cases, this is because some of these features are technically not possible to implement, or are planned for future implementation. 

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