Rentman 4G is the latest version of our software which we have rebuilt from the ground up. We modernized the interface and added many new functionalities. This article lists the most important changes and adjustments.-


Modern Interface

We have completely renewed Rentman’s interface, allowing you to work faster and easily switch between screens.

Tabs instead of pop-up windows

Rentman 4G works with tabs that allow you to easily switch between screens without having to exit your projects.


Rentman 4G is fully responsive. So you get the best view independent of the device you’re using Rentman in.


The widget column is added to get a more in detailed view of your projects, materials and contacts. You can also quickly add tasks and notes to a selected item.

> more on widgets

Presets and filters

You can work with custom presets and filters in your projects, schedules and database items. This allows you to generate specific overviews according to your preferences. For example a list of all projects in option for the coming two weeks.

> more on filters, presets, and labels

Calendar display

Rentman 4G gives you more flexibility in creating specific overviews. View your projects per day or see all your projects for the coming week or month.

New Modules

Warehouse module

The new warehouse module centralizes and streamlines all warehouse communication and action. It is organized as a collaborative workflow which gives all (warehouse) staff insight in the logistic status of your projects and equipment: see what projects need to be prepared and what project equipment is inbound.

Equipment status can be adjusted manually within Rentman or simply by scanning items. In this way you can quickly change and see equipment location in real-time. Missings and defaults can also be quickly dealt with.

Visual crew planner

The visual crew planner provides a complete overview of your staff and crew functions. Rentman 4G automatically displays available staff when selecting a crew function. Easily generate overviews of pending scheduling actions for your projects. The drag-and-drop interface enables you to quickly make adjustments to your schedules.

> More about the visual crew planner

My Schedule: portal for employees and freelance workers

You freelance workers and employees can access their personal schedule in Rentman 4G. Their personalized schedule provides them with all relevant project information for all projects on which they are scheduled.

> More about 'My Schedule'


The improved dashboard in Rentman 4G gives you a complete overview of your scheduling, pending tasks and to-do’s. Instantly see where action is required and navigate quickly to the concerning project, task or schedule.

Function groups

Crew function can be more easily grouped within Rentman 4G. This gives you a better overview and allows you to link multiple staff functions to a specific period.

> More about function groups

More Project Features

Rentman 4G has more options for creating and handling your projects.

Sub projects

You can make sub projects within Rentman 4G. This can come in handy when working with multiple stages, locations, timelines etc..

Template projects

When you have recurring or similar projects you can create templates based on information of previous projects. The predefined settings in the templates let you increase your work speed when creating projects.

Sales projects

In case you’re working with sales items you can include this more easily in Rentman 4G by creating projects without having to set a duration.

New Features

Time registration: link worked hours to a project function

In Rentman 4G you can plan crew members on a function. When your employee or freelance worker registers his/her hours they can link this to the function they fulfilled. Furthermore, employees and freelancers can specify worked hours and tasks, online or in the app.

Rentman app: push notifications and personal schedule

The Rentman app is updated with new functionalities and interface. Through push notifications crew members immediately receive their schedule updates and can quickly respond. Crew members can also consult their schedule and register worked hours in the app.

Factor groups

You can set multiple factor groups for different equipment groups. The factor determines how much discount will be calculated for longer rental periods. In Rentman 4G you are more flexible with factor groups, so you can set a lower factor for rigging materials for example.

Custom fields

You can create extra input fields to add additional information to various categories (projects, contacts, employees etc) in Rentman 4G. For example a new field that adds a color value to equipment items. Additional information can be displayed on your documents (invoices, packing slips) and as filter values.


The import function can be used to import your database items or updating existing data. This allows you to easily import a pricing list to update your equipment prices.

Missing Functionalites

Rentman 4G has a lot of functions that are not included in Rentman 3. Since the software foundation is different, many functions of Rentman 3 operate differently or are not included in Rentman 4G.

Because of the different setup we are not able to provide a comprehensive list of missing functionalities. See this article for a full list of currently missing functions in Rentman 4G.

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