Copy your Rentman 3 database to Rentman 4G

You can start testing Rentman 4G after you've copied your current Rentman 3 database to Rentman 4G. This allows you to try out Rentman 4G with your own data, such as projects, equipment, contacts, tasks, user roles, appointments, and personal settings.

You also need to make one final copy of your Rentman 3 database, before you definitively switch to Rentman 4G. We recommend to plan your final copy in advance.

Warning: When you do the final (or a new) copy of your database, all existing data in Rentman 4G will be overwritten. This includes custom templates that you've created in Rentman 4G in advance. However, our Support team can always get them back for you. This means that you can still create your templates before you actually switch to Rentman 4G.


Copy your database

  1. Log in to Rentman 3.
  2. In the top right corner of your screen, click your name.
  3. Choose Get RM4G account.


  4. Choose Copy my database.


    Your database will be copied within 30 minutes. You will receive an email when the copy was successful.

To create a new copy of your Rentman 3 database, simply repeat the steps above. (This will override the previous copy of your database.)

Your Rentman 3 and Rentman 4G databases are not connected (or synchronized), and exist separately. This means that changes in Rentman 4G will not affect your Rentman 3 database and the other way around.

Start testing Rentman 4G 

  1. Go to

    Your account name is the same as in Rentman 3:

  2. Log in with the same username and password as in Rentman 3.

We strongly recommend using Google Chrome when working in Rentman 4G. This browser offers the fastest and most reliable performance with Rentman.

How do I use Rentman 4G?

Our Rentman 4G Support Center is designed to help you and explain everything in Rentman 4G. Here's a small selection of useful information:


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