Setting up a Rentman 4G account

This article is for Rentman 3 users who would like to trial the newest version of Rentman.

How to set up your Rentman 4G account

You can set up a Rentman 4G account within Rentman 3. Go to your account name in the upper right corner and select ‘Get RM4G account’ from the fold out menu. You will receive an email (usually the next day) when your account is created and ready to use.

You can login to your rentman 4G via

In case you would like to transfer a new database copy from your Rentman 3 to your Rentman 4G account you can repeat above steps.

Working on a second database

After you created your Rentman 4G account we will copy your Rentman 3 data to a new Rentman 4G database. This allows you to work with your own projects, contacts, employees etc. in Rentman 4G.

Note: The Rentman 4G database is not linked with Rentman 3 and does not synchronize. All changes you make in Rentman 4G will not influence your Rentman 3 data.

Optimized for Google Chrome

Since Google Chrome is the most used browser Rentman 4G was optimized and tested for Chrome. This is also the browser that shows the best performance when using Rentman 4G, therefore we strongly recommend using Google Chrome for now. In the future we will also make Rentman 4G work with Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Working in Rentman 4G

As Rentman 4G contains a lot of new and different functionalities we urge you to do proper testing to prevent facing any surprises when activating. We have created several videos and articles to get you started and accustomed to the new interface and functionalities. 


Support Center

Frequently asked questions

Is Rentman 4G safe and stable enough to work in?

Yes. We have tested Rentman 4G extensively and optimized it. All data traffic is secured and automatically backed up to prevent any loss of data. It is possible that you will encounter a bug in the system. In that case you can contact support ([email protected]) with a description of the problem (preferably with screenshot) and we’ll be happy to solve this.

Where can I find more information on working with Rentman?

In our support center you can find articles on setting up and working with Rentman 4G. If you need any help with specific issues and questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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