Testing and performing checklist before activating 4G

This article is for people who have already created a Rentman 4G account, but not yet activated it.

When you have created a Rentman 4G account you’re able to work in it without affecting your Rentman 3 data.-

Rentman 4G database

When you have created a Rentman 4G account you will get a notified that your database is not in production. Because Rentman 4G is largely a new system we set up an extra database when creating an account to work and test in. This gives you the opportunity to test Rentman 4G without affecting your Rentman 3 data.

How does it work?

Your Rentman 4G database is a separate database that is not synchronized with your Rentman 3 database. Your actions in Rentman 4G will not impact your Rentman 3 data.

Note: As long as your Rentman 4G database is not in production you can transfer a new database copy from Rentman 3. This will overwrite all your stored data in Rentman 4G.

When activating your Rentman 4G account we will set your Rentman 4G database to production. You will no longer be able to access your Rentman 3 database.

Rentman app  

The Rentman app is linked with the Rentman account you have activated. As long as your Rentman 4G database is not in production the Rentman app will not synchronize with your Rentman 4G account.

Checklist before activating

When activating Rentman 4G you are no longer able to work with Rentman 3. To prevent facing any surprises after activation make sure that you have tested Rentman 4G extensively and are comfortable working with its interface and functionalities. Below checklist covers the most essential points to know if you are ready to activate.


1. Do I know how to work in Rentman 4G?

Rentman 4G differs in many ways from its predecessor. Make sure you are comfortable working with all new functionalities and know how to perform your activities within the new interface. We provide support articles to help you get started and work in Renmtan.

2. Are there any functionalities missing that are necessary to perform my activities?

Rentman 4G has a lot of functionalities that are not (yet) integrated into Rentman 3. Since the software basis is different, many functions of Rentman 3 operate differently in Rentman 4G or are not included. The only way to be certain that you can use Rentman 4G for all your activities is by thoroughly testing te software. 

See this article for a full list of currently missing functions in Rentman 4G. Below is a list of the most notable features that are not yet included in Rentman 4G:

  • Calendar synchronization (beta version available on request)
  • Booking materials from the app

In case you rely on one of these features we urge you to wait with activating Rentman 4G.

3. Am I able to use my custom templates in Rentman 4G?

Rentman 4G operates with many different functionalities and variables. Unfortunately, we are not able to transfer your Rentman 3 custom templates to 4G. This means that you have to reconfigure your custom templates manually. Please contact support if you need any help with this.

Note: In case you choose to replace your Rentman 4G database with a new Rentman 3 database copy during activation, all your data (including custom templates) will be overwritten. Make sure you transfer a recent database copy before setting up your custom templates.

Frequently asked questions

Can I work with Rentman when my database is not in production?

Yes. Rentman 4G is fully operational in even when your database is not in production, this includes sending emails from within Rentman. After activation, you can continue with all the data you have worked with so far.

Can I retain my data when activating Rentman 4G?

Yes. When activating you get the option to either transfer a new Rentman 3 database copy or retain the data you have worked with in Rentman 4G. In this way you will still have all your material, employee, project data etc..

Can start using Rentman 4G immediately after activation?

The majority of your data will be transferred automatically to Rentman 3. However, there are some settings you need to (re)configure, this includes your presets and custom templates. Please consult our support center sections for Rentman 4G setup and daily use for more information.

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