This article is meant for Rentman 3 users who are ready to activate Rentman 4G. If you did not use Rentman 3, please read this article.

If you are a Rentman 3 user, this article explains how to activate Rentman 4G.

When you activate Rentman 4G, you can still log in to Rentman 3. However, you cannot copy your new Rentman 4G database back to Rentman 3. This means that activating Rentman 4G is not reversible. Make sure you have completed our checklist and tested Rentman 4G sufficiently to know how to use it.

Use your most recent database

Before activating Rentman 4G, you need to make a final copy of your Rentman 3 database. This takes around 30 minutes, after which you will receive an e-mail confirming a succesful copy. We recommend doing a quick manual check of your database in Rentman 4G, to ensure that there were no problems.

Read our article about copying your database for instructions.

By copying your Rentman 3 database to Rentman 4G, all data in Rentman 4G will be overwritten. This includes custom templates that you've already made in Rentman 4G in advance. However, our Support team can get these templates back for you. This means that you can still make your templates in advance.

Updated subscription packages

We have changed our subscription packages for Rentman 4G with more flexible pricing options for different business needs. The new pricing levels are similar to Rentman 3. Our Rentman Pro version includes a lot of new functionalities and therefore has a slightly higher price level for larger companies. Whether you are going to pay more or less for Rentman 4G depends on your business needs and amount of power users.

During activation, Rentman asks for confirmation of the new subscription price. The new price is also stated in your contract.

View our updated subscription packages here.

Activate Rentman 4G

If the copy of your Rentman 3 database was succesful, you can activate Rentman 4G.

  1. Go to

    Your accountname is the same as in Rentman 3.
  2. Log in with the same username and password as in Rentman 3.
  3. In Rentman 4G, click on your username in the top right corner.


  4. Choose Activate.
  5. Fill in your invoice information, and click Next step.
  6. Choose your license.
  7. Enter the amount of extra power users, and/or extra disk space. You can always change these amounts after you've activated.



  8. If you have tested functionalities that are not included in your license, you must perform a number of required actions before going to the next step.


  9. Fill in your payment details in the next step.
  10. Read (and agree to) our terms and conditions, and click Activate.
  11. Refresh the page to reload Rentman and complete the activation.

Important to know

  • Make sure everyone switches to Rentman 4G
    After you make the final copy of your Rentman 3 database and start working in Rentman 4G, make sure everyone in your company starts working in Rentman 4G. Otherwise, their changes will be lost.
  • You can still log in to Rentman 3, after you activate 4G
  • However, you can not switch back to Rentman 3
    It's not possible to copy your Rentman 4G database back to Rentman 3. This is because Rentman 4G has many functionalities that are not supported by Rentman 3.
  • The Rentman App (iOS & Android) needs to be updated
    The mobile app has been updated for Rentman 4G. If you activate Rentman 4G, you will need to update the Rentman App. Our new version features a new interface, push notifications, a personal schedule and more.

Setting up Rentman 4G

After activating Rentman 4G, you need to configure the following:

Each user can also configure the following:

Watch our video tutorials to learn how to use Rentman.

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