Transferring your database and activating 4G

This article includes the steps you need to take to activate Rentman 4G.-

Warning: Rentman 3 will no longer be accessible when activating your Rentman 4G account. Make sure you have tested Rentman 4G sufficiently to know how to use it and that it suffices your business needs. Please make sure you have completed this checklist before proceeding activation.

Different pricing model

We have changed our subscription packages for Rentman 4G with more flexible pricing options for different business needs. The new pricing levels are similar to Rentman 3. Because the subscription fee is stated in your contract we will ask for a confirmation of the new price during the activation process.

> See our new subscription packages

Transferring your database

When activating Rentman 4G there are two options for the database you will use.

Option 1. Transfer a (new) Rentman 3 database copy

Take this option if you want to work in Rentman 4G with your current Rentman 3 database. Your Rentman 3 data will be transferred to Rentman 4G.

Note: This will overwrite all data you worked with in Rentman 4G, including your custom templates, presets, labels and filters.   

Transfer a new database copy: In Rentman 3 go to the upper-right corner of your screen > click on your username > and select “Get RM4G account” from the fold out menu. This will copy your Rentman 3 database to Rentman 4G.

Transferring the database copy takes place overnight. You will receive an email next day confirming the transfer.

Complete your activation.

Take the following steps after you have received the email confirming completion of your database copy: Go to the upper right corner of your Rentman 4G screen > click on your username > and select “activate” from the fold out menu. Follow the steps to complete your activation.

Option 2. Retain your Rentman 4G data

Choose this option if you have worked in Rentman 4G and would like to retain this data. In this case we will set your current Rentman 4G database in production mode. All Rentman 3 data will not be transferred.

Take the following steps if you want to keep using your Rentman 4G data.

Go to the upper right corner of your Rentman 4G screen > click on your username > and select “activate Rentman 4G” from the fold out menu. Follow the steps to complete your activation.

You can continue working directly after activation. 

Setting up Rentman 4G

Custom templates

Rentman 4G operates with many different functionalities and variables. Unfortunately we are not able to transfer your Rentman 3 custom templates to 4G. If you worked with custom templates in Rentman 3 you have to reconfigure your custom templates manually. Please contact support if you need any help with this.

Note: This does not apply when you have already set up custom templates in 4G and choose to keep your Rentman 4G data when activating.

New functionalities and custom displays

Rentman has more advanced features to create specific overviews and use filters. We advise to look over and set filters, presets, labels and custom fields according to your business activities. This allows you to work more orderly and faster.

Rentman app

The Rentman app is linked to the Rentman account you have activated. When activating Rentman 4G the app will automatically adapt itself to 4G. This includes a new interface and extra features like invitations, push notifications and a a personal schedule.

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