Subhire, invoice reminders & exporting, and more

In this update:

  • Subhire module
  • Exporting invoices to accounting software
  • Overview of projects to be invoiced
  • Repair slips
  • RM4G account activation and power user upgrades
  • Zooming in crew planner
  • Addressing emails to specific contact persons

Subhire module

We have added the subhire module to Rentman 4G. This gives you an overview of equipment shortages and the possibility to make subhire orders.

In the equipment section of your project you can see a detailed overview of your equipment in the timeline.

Note: in order for users to work with subhire you need to assign the permissions for Subhire to the required user roles. This can be done in configuration > user roles > edit user role > set permissions for subhire.

Exporting invoices to your accounting software

You now have the option to export your invoices. In the invoice module you can select the invoices you would like to export and pick one of the exporting options.

Overview of projects to be invoiced

We have added a new overview to the invoices module in which you can see all projects that need to be invoiced. This shows you all unpaid invoices with date.

We also added the option to send reminders when your invoices are not being paid. The widget column displays all sent reminders for selected invoices.

Repair slips

We have added the option to create repair slips in repair module. This contains all needed information to collect your repairs.

Zooming in crew planner

If you now use the zoom function in the crew planner the visible period will automatically adjust. You can zoom in or out by clicking on the zoom icons in the upper right corner of the screen or by using the hotkey for zooming in (alt + z) and out (alt + shift + z).

You can scroll horizontally through the timeline by holding shift and using the scroll wheel on your mouse.

By entering ? (shift + /) within Rentman you can see an overview of all available hotkeys for the displayed screen.

Updating and activating your Rentman 4G account

You can now manually upgrade by adding power users within Rentman 4G. User roles can be assigned in the ‘Crew members’ screen.

In case you haven’t activated your Rentman 4G account yet you can now do so manually within Rentman. Go to your account name in the upper right corner and select ‘Activate Rentman 4G’ from the fold out menu. Make sure you have read this article before activating.

Send emails to specific contact persons

When sending out an email in Rentman you can now choose to address a specific contact person. You can select your preferred contact person from the recipients fold out menu in the “Send email” screen. In this way you can make sure your invoice finds the right person.

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