July 2017 - Update notes week 28

New in Rentman: Planner notifications, Improved import functions, Image and file preview.

Version: F22 / B23. Your current version is listed in the fold-out menu under your account name.

Note: Rentman updates are not deployed simultaneously for all accounts. It can take a few days before the updates are visible to you. Read more on how we update our software.


check-small.png Notifications in crew and transport planner

We have added a notification system to keep you updated on any changes that are made to a project. 

In your crew planner you can now encounter function bars that have an orange dashed border. This indicates a change in the project that affects the crew function. To see this changes: right click on the function bar and choose Display changes


When a project gets deleted its crew and transport will still appear in the planner until you delete them. This allows you to see which crew members were planned on a job and need to be updated. 

These changes to a project will be highlighted in the planner:

  • Canceled project
  • Project put in option
  • Function plan period was changed
  • Function was deleted
  • Function is added again
  • Changed location for function
  • A new comment was added to the function

Any time changes you make in the planner will also be visible in your project. Functions highlighted in light blue in your project indicate a changed time period for that function in the planner. 



check-small.png  Improved import functions

We have made it easier to handle duplicates from your import. 


When you want to update the prices of your equipment you can do this by uploading a new file and choosing 'Update items to values in import file'. In Unique columns you choose which column Rentman picks to define unique items. For example, if you would like to update your prices and quantities you have to make sure that they are not selected.  

Importing and exporting (sub) folders
The import and export function can now also take your folders and sub folders into account. You can select which folder you want to import your data in the import screen.

Make sure that the Folder structure column is active when importing and exporting (sub) folders. Folders and sub folders are divided by a / slash. For example, an item in Light/Controllers is placed in the sub folder Controllers with Light as main folder.


check-small.png Quick editing of serial numbers and QR codes

We have added the option to quickly edit fields in the serial numbers tab of your equipment items. 


Simply click on a serial number or QR code for quick editing. Rentman automatically alerts you when a QR code is already being used for another equipment item. 

Rentman Tip: You can now quickly add QR codes to your items by using a scanner. Simply click on the top QR code field and start scanning your items. The cursor will automatically jump to the next item after scanning a code. 


check-small.png Preview of images and files

Under files in your widget column we have added the option to preview thumbnails of your files and images. Click on the Image_icon.png image icon to switch the view from a list to thumbnails. You can use this to quickly see an image of your item for example.



check-small.png Sorting accessoires


You are now free to set the order of your accessoires by dragging them to the preferred position.



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