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Synchronizing your Calendar in Rentman with an application for your smartphone or tablet is useful for keeping track of your personal planning and appointments. Synchronizing works two ways: when something is added to your Rentman planning, it will show in your application and also the other way around. For this, Rentman uses CalDAV (for Android and Apple). In this article, we explain how to synchronize your calendar.-

CalDAV synchronization

We use CalDAV for our synchronization. CalDAV is supported by all Apple devices. Android users can download an application to support CalDAV synchronization. Synchronizing works two ways: when something is added to your Rentman planning, it will show in your application and also the other way around.

Rentman offers the possibility to synchronize the following items from your Rentman calendar (you can only see the items your user role permits).

All appointments

All your appointments will be synchronized with of your Rentman account. These include single and recurring appointments.

All functions

All of your crew- and transport functions you created for a project. 

My appointments

Appointments which are not public but only visible to you.

My planning

The calendar 'My planning' shows you all functions you are planned on in a certain time period. This stream is mostly used by freelancers to see when they are scheduled.


All your reservations.

There is a separate calendar stream added for all of above streams. You can easily filter which of the streams you want to display on your device.

Synchronize Android calendar

We support a two-way-synchronization for Android for appointments and tasks. Projects and functions will be displayed in the Android calendar. 

To synchronize your Android device with Rentman you need to download an additional application that connects the CalDAV-synchronization of Rentman with your Android calendar. There are three ways to do this:

  • Calendar application that supports CalDAV: SolCalendar (free).
  • CalDAV-synchronization-app: AcalDAV (free)
  • OpenSync CalDAV to Android: OpenSync

Add calendar to your Android device
To add the CalDAV-synchronization-app to your own calendar:

  1. Install one of the application mentioned above from the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the application.
  3. Click on 'Add account' or '+'.
  4. Choose CalDAV and add your Rentman information.

    User: Rentman user name
    Password: Rentman password
    URL: (e.g.

  5. Click on Next step to add the account to your Android calendar.
  6. You can choose which information you want to synchronize after logging in.

Synchronize iPhone and iPad (iOS)

To synchronize an Apple device with Rentman you can easily add a new calendar with CalDAV in the settings. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the settings of your Apple device > Calendar > Accounts
  2. Choose 'Add account' and click on the last option 'Others'
  3. Add CalDAV-Account:

    Server: (e.g.:
    User name: Rentman username
    Password: Rentman password
    Description: You can set a name for your calendar

  4. After you added the calendar you can choose the streams you want to display in the calendar app.

Synchronize Mac (OS X)

To synchronize your Mac with Rentman, add a new CalDAV calendar to your device:

  1. Click on the Apple menu (Apple_icon.svg) > Settings.
  2. Choose Internet accounts.
  3. Click on the plus (+) on the bottom of this window.
  4. Choose the option "CalDAV account"
  5. Fill in the information as follows:


  • Your User Name is your Rentman username.
  • Your password is your Rentman password.
  • Your server address is

Click Sign in to add the calendar.

Frequently asked questions

How frequently is the calendar updated?
The synchronization for Apple is updated in real-time and changes will be immediately visible. For Android, it depends on your battery status and other settings. On average it will be synchronized every two minutes.

For what duration span will my calendar be synchronized?
When you setup a synchronization, all items from your Rentman calendar will be imported. This is not restricted to any period of time. All future and past items will display in the calendar.

Can I use the synchronization with Outlook 365?
Outlook 365 does not support CALDAV, and can't easily be used to synchronise with the Rentman calendar. There are, however, some Rentman users that did get it working with an additional plugin.

Does calendar synchronization work two ways?
Yes. When something is added to your Rentman calendar, it will show in your application. When you add an appointment in your calendar application, it will also show in Rentman's calendar.

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