Communicate the crew planning

Communicating the planning is the next step after planning crew on your crew functions. Give all of your crew members a login, sent them a personal planning or let them check their live schedule in the Rentman App or by syncing the agenda.-

Send planning vs check a live schedule

After planning a crew member on a planning you want to communicate the planning to this crew member at some point. This can be done in two ways:

1. Let your crew member check the live schedule.

A live schedule is the planning as it is exactly at this moment. If a crew member is planned on a function, the crew member can directly see this in the live schedule.


  • Saves you time sending e-mails.
  • Most up-to-date schedule.
  • More information can be easily found and added (like add a note).

Where to find a live schedule:

  1. Rentman App.
  2. Rentman Web (my schedule).
  3. Synchronizing the Agenda.

2. Send your crew members a planning

A sent planning is an e-mail with the planning in the e-mail text or in a PDF connected to the e-mail.


  • Choose the moment you sent the planning.
  • Notifying people of the planning.
  • Be more flexible in what you communicate.

Where to find the option to send the planning:

  1. Send personal e-mail with planning.
  2. Send slip with planning.
  3. Send project planning.

Ways to communicate the planning

Rentman App (IOS and Android)

In the Rentman app, every user can see on which functions and projects they are planned. They can consult all details that are added to the functions and projects. The App can be reached from everywhere so it is ideal for freelancers and users on the road.

Information in the Rentman App:

  • 'My schedule' module with the personal schedule of a crew member including functions, appointments and reservations. With the possibility to click on a function to find more information about the project, planned crew members and documents.
  • 'Invitations' module with all open invitations. The crew member can directly answer all invitations directly from the Rentman App.


  • Contains additional information.
  • Can be used for small actions around the planning like planning a route to location, notifying an item as repair or calling another crew member planned on the project.

How to get there:

  1. Download the Rentman App in the Android or IOS store.
  2. Enter your account name (
  3. Login using username and password (these can be added in the crew module).
  4. Click on the menu icon in the left top and choose 'my schedule'.

My schedule in Rentman

The 'my schedule' module on the Rentman web version is similar to the Rentman app but is shown in the Rentman web version making it ideal for office crew, warehouse workers and account managers since they already use the web version.

Information in the 'my schedule' module:

  • Planned functions, appointments and reservations. With the option to click for more information.
  • List of invitations.
  • Availability (green for available, red for not available and white for unknown).


  • Crew members can note the availability.
  • Possibility to switch between the personal agenda and everybody's agenda.

How to get there:

  1. Go to the Rentman web version on
  2. Login (logins can be added in the crew module).
  3. Go to the 'my schedule' module.

Synchronizing your calendar

Synchronize your Rentman calendar with your personal agenda. See this article for more information on the agenda synchronization.

Information in the calendar synchronization:

  • Planned functions (all or personal).
  • Appointments (all or personal).
  • Reservations.


  • Directly shown in your own agenda.

How to synchronize:

Check the calendar synchronization article.

Send personal schedule by e-mail

A personal schedule is a list of all functions a crew member is planned on for a certain period of time for the selected projects. The functions are grouped by date and by project.

Information in the personal schedule:

  • Personal functions planned on including times and the project name.
  • Location.
  • Remarks for the function.
  • If the function is new or updated (marked in red).


  • Easy and quick to sent.
  • Personal schedule for each crew member.
  • Choose when to sent the planning.

How to sent the personal schedule:

  1. Go to the crew planner module or the planner tab in a project.
  2. Click on the Bildschirmfoto_2017-07-25_um_11.53.10.png email button on the top bar.
  3. Select a period.
  4. Select the projects for which you want to send a schedule for.
  5. Select crew members who should receive their schedule.
  6. Optional: check the e-mails by clicking on a crew member.
  7. Click Send in the bottom right corner.
  8. Optional: Add a custom email text.
  9. Click Send again.

Print schedule for each crew member

A printed schedule is personal for each crew member and is a printed PDF sent as attachment to a customer. The PDF is printed based on a template you can edit to your preference in the template tab of the configuration. The printed schedule is the solution when the personal schedule sent as e-mail is missing information you want to add.

Information in the personal schedule:

  • Function planning, depending on the template.


  • Can be edited.
  • Personal schedule for each crew member.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the crew planner module
  2. Click on the Bildschirmfoto_2017-07-25_um_11.53.10.png email button on the top bar
  3. Click on To print in the top left corner
  4. Set a period.
  5. Select crew members
  6. Choose a template
  7. Click on To print in the bottom right corner
  8. Download file as a PDF or Word file, or send it via email
  9. Save slip by item to see the document later in the crew member module on the widget list

Rentman Tip: Use Bildschirmfoto_2017-07-27_um_12.54.17.png to attach the document in the crew member module to the right crew member. With this, you can quickly check when you created the last document for each crew member and download it anytime again.

Send project planning

A project planning is a printed PDF with all information of a project including the schedule for the crew members.

Information in the project planning:

  • Project information, depending on the template.


  • Can be edited.
  • Can include the project information.

How to send the project planning:

  • Go to the general information tab of a project or go into the project module.
  • In the project module: choose the more actions button and choose the right template (callsheet).
  • In the project: click on the generate slip button and choose the right template (callsheet).
  • Click on e-mail to directly sent the PDF to all planned crew members. 

The default template to use is the Callsheet, this template is available in Rentman by default. The template can be edited in the template tab of your configuration module. 

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