July 2017 - Update notes week 30

New in Rentman: Planner notification improvements, Equipment labels, Customize email sender.

Version: F24 / B25. Your current version is listed in the fold-out menu under your account name.

Note: Rentman updates are not deployed simultaneously for all accounts. It can take a few days before the updates are visible to you. Read more on how we update our software.


check-small.png Improvements in crew and transport planner

We recently added notifications to the crew planner so that changes to crew functions are also shown in the planner. We made some adjustments to that notification system and to the use of colors in the planner. 

Freelance workers or crew members that are reserved for a period are now indicated with a darker green tone in the resource column and the timeline.


We got rid of the orange dashed border for notifications and replaced it with a more subtle orange circle icon. This icon pops-up whenever a change is made to a function.  


When the plan period of a function differs from the usage period the function bar now shows a slightly darker border at the bottom. 


check-small.png Generating equipment labels

We added the option to print QR codes in Rentman. This follows the same process as creating other kinds of sheets in Rentman. To print your labels.

1. Navigate to your equipment module in the left column.

2. Select the equipment items of which you want to print the QR codes.

3. Click on the More.PNG More action button and select Equipment tag

4. Click on Generate.png if the equipment tag is not automatically generated.



check-small.png Use your company details for your Rentman emails

Your emails can now be sent using your own company name. Instead of Rentman your company name will be displayed in the subject of your email. To set this up:

  • Configuration > Find the header Customer Communication > choose Configuration. 
  • Enter your company name and display email in designated fields of the Messages section.


check-small.png Improved selection of sub-projects when creating sheets

We have installed a better selection of subprojects when creating sheets (call sheet, quotes, invoices etc.). Canceled subproject will no longer appear on the sheet unless all subprojects are canceled. If you create a packing slip or call sheet from the main project it will select only confirmed sub projects. 

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