August 2017 - Update Notes week 34

New in Rentman: Sending emails to groups and showing unplanned functions

Version: F28 / B30. Your current version is listed in the fold-out menu under your account name.

Note: Rentman updates are not deployed simultaneously for all accounts. It can take a few days before the updates are visible to you. Read more on how we update our software.


check-small.png Updated email functions for groups and contact persons

Sending out emails has become a lot easier and time-saving in Rentman. You are now able to send out multiple sheets at once.

If you, for example, have created multiple call sheets you can now send them to all scheduled crew members on the projects that they are planned. Documents will be sent out in different emails and only to the recipients that are linked to a specific project, so sheets will not be sent out to irrelevant recipients.

Example: When selecting the group scheduled crew members, the selected slips will be sent to the crew members that are scheduled in the project. Say you have selected Project A and B to generate a call sheet and send this out. A crew member planned on project A will receive that call sheet and not the one from project B. 

It is also easier to add recipients by using the build in search function in the email screen. Simply type the first few letters and Rentman will offer you the suggestions.



check-small.png Show unplanned functions in crew planner

We have added a new button and overview in the crew planner that displays all functions that are currently not scheduled. These are your functions that do not have a scheduled period, but only a certain amount of hours. 
Click on the Unplanned_functions.png Unscheduled Functions button to open a list view. In this list, you can see all functions that need scheduling. By dragging a function into the timeline, you are able to schedule a crew member on it.


check-small.png Adding tags to multiple items at once

It is now possible to add tags to a group of items at once. This applies to all your database items, so contacts, equipment, projects etc.
To do this, simply select the items you would like to tag > More.PNG More Actions > Add tags 



check-small.png Other fixes and updates

  • Multiple improvements to use Rentman on smaller screens.
  • Fixed the issue where different languages sometimes pop-up in the English interface.
  • Push messages in the app are working again.
  • You can now add the serial number column in Materials module. 
  • The availability of equipment is now instantly updated when you remove equipment from a project.
  • Weekends are now marked with a gray color in the crew planner.


check-small.png What's in the pipeline

We are currently beta testing and fine-tuning the statistics module. Before launching it, we are gathering some helpful feedback for improvements to ensure a smooth integration. 

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