Setting up your documents

With Rentman, you can create and directly email quotations, contracts, invoices, packing slips, subhire sheets, callsheets, and more. In your document templates, you decide what information should be included in your documents, and how it should be displayed. Your letterhead determines the look of your pages, for example your company logo, information and visual brand identity.

In this article, we provide an overview of the steps to get the right information into your documents and customize their look to your own preferences.-

Use a sample project

Before setting up your documents, we recommend that you use (or create) a realistic project. You can use this project to see what your documents will look like when filled with realistic content and information.

Read this article for help with creating a project.

Upload and choose a letterhead

The letterhead contains your company logovisual brand identity and company details. It can be seen as the background image of your document pages, and can be customized any way you like. When you've designed your letterhead, you upload it to Rentman as a .PDF file.

The project type that you select for your project determines which letterhead is applied by default. However, you can always choose to apply a different letterhead than the default one.

Read our article about letterheads.

Document templates

Document templates determine what information should be shown on your documents, and how it should be displayed.

Rentman offers useful and ready-to-use templates for all documents, called system templates. These templates are designed for everyone to use. Our experience learns that these templates provide enough information and options for most users. Some users want to make minor changes to a template, or create one from scratch. By duplicating a system template, you can always add or edit it to your own liking.

Read our article about creating a document template.

Create personal message and email templates

You can add a personal message for your client on each document that you send. To save time, you can create templates for personal messages. You can then quickly apply these, and make minor adjustments if needed.

Additionally, you can create templates for email messages when you send a document to your client.


If you need additional help with setting up your documents, you can contact our Support team directly.

Rentman also offers to create a document template for your company against an hourly rate. Contact our Support for more information.

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