Setting up your documents

With Rentman, you can create and directly email quotations, contracts, invoices, packing slips, subrent sheets, callsheets, and more. In your document templates, you decide what information should be included in your documents, and how it should be displayed.

In this article, we provide an overview of the steps to get the right information into your documents and customize their look to your own preferences.-

Use a sample project

Before setting up your documents, we recommend that you use a realistic project (create a project if you don't have any). You can use this project to see what your documents will look like when filled with realistic content and information.


The letterhead is the background of your document pages and can be customized any way you like. It can contain your company logo, details and colors.

Document templates

Document templates determine what information should be shown on your documents, and how it should be displayed.

Rentman offers some ready-to-use templates called system templates, but you can always customize your document templates: duplicate a system template and edit it to your own liking.


Edit standard text on documents

Invoice moments, payment terms and additional conditions contain standard texts. You can find and edit these at the following locations:

  • Configuration module > Financial > Invoice moments
  • Configuration module > Financial > Payment terms
  • Configuration module > Financial > Additional conditions

Your default Terms and Conditions need to be uploaded to Rentman as a .PDF file. You can do this in the Configuration module > Financial > Financial.


Add images to documents, emails, texts and signature

You can also add images to document templates, emails, personal texts and your email signature. This helps you create professional looking documents and messages, and provides extra visual information for your customers.



If you need additional help with setting up your documents, you can contact our Support team directly.

Rentman also offers to create a document template for your company for an hourly rate. Contact our Support for more information.

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