Setting up your time registration

In the Time registration module, you can keep an overview of all the hours your staff has worked. In Rentman you can register hours for your employees or you let them register these themselves. These can be adjusted in each user role separately. Default settings can be edited in the configuration module.

You can edit default settings in the Configuration module. These will be shown by default for every crew member in their hour registration. For example, a default break of 30 minutes. Note: Even if you configure the default values, you can still adjust these when creating a new time registration.

Available for: Lite Classic Pro


User roles for crew members

You can adjust time registration rights for an existing user role or a new user role to determine how hours are registered.

Follow the steps to adjust ‘time registration’ rights for a user role:

  1. Go to the Configuration module > Account > User roles
  2. Open a existing role or create a new one
  3. Go to the Time registration module
  4. You can now set the following rights:

    Own registered hours 
    Set up, if the employees can register hours by themselves

    Hours of other crew members
    Set up, rights to edit hours for other employees

    Pre-register hours
    Set up, if hours can be registered for the future

    Clock in from the app
    Set-up, if your employees can clock-in and out via the app

Configure default settings

You can set the default settings in the configuration that are shown for every crew member when registering hours.

  1. Go to the Configuration module > Settings > Time registration
  2. Adjust the following settings:

    Number of days back
    Set up, how many days back, a non poweruser, can register hours for himself

    Default break
    Set up, how long the break will be by default.

  3. Save for web version and App
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