Connect Quickbooks Online to Rentman (automatically export invoices)

By connecting Quickbooks Online to Rentman, you can let Rentman automatically export your invoices to Quickbooks. This saves effort, and is faster than exporting to an Excel-file from within the Invoices module.

You can only connect Rentman to Quickbooks Online, not to Quickbooks Desktop.

Important: Invoices that belong to private individuals in Rentman cannot be automatically exported to Quickbooks. To work around this, you can change the type of your contact to company.

Contacts are always imported as new contacts in Quickbooks. Contacts with the same name are added with the Rentman contact number between brackets after the name to Quickbooks.

Available for: Lite Classic Pro


What data is exported?

Note: Only ledgers are exported to Quickbooks. So in the invoices exported to Quickbooks you will not find every piece of equipment or function you planned. 

  • Invoice information
    Invoices contain all financial information that you add in Rentman, and which is necessary for a complete overview and correct functioning in your accounting software. This includes VAT-rates, payment terms, invoice moments and invoice numbers.

  • Information of relevant contacts
    The information of relevant contacts for your invoice is also exported. This includes, for example, the company name, contact persons and contact number.
    Contacts in Rentman cannot be matched with contacts already entered into Quickbooks. Contacts with the same name are added with the Rentman contact number between brackets after the name to Quickbooks. 

Warning: Project information cannot be automatically exported to Quickbooks. This means that information such as the project name, project number, costs of a project and other project information can't be sent to Quickbooks automatically. This is, however, possible when manually exporting invoices from within the Invoices module.

Align customer names

Before you connect Rentman to Quickbooks, align the customer names to make sure the names of your contacts/customers are exactly the same in Rentman and Quickbooks. If the names aren't the same, Quickbooks will create unwanted new contacts after your first automatic export.

Create Products & Services in Quickbooks

To export the ledgers of your Rentman invoices, you have to connect them to the Products & Services in Quickbooks. To create products and service in Quickbooks:

  1. Go to the Invoicing module.
  2. Select the Product and Services tab.
  3. Click on "New" on the top-right corner to add a product.

We suggest creating a product for every ledger we export: rentalsalecrewtransportinsuranceother, and predefined.

Connect Quickbooks

To connect Quickbooks, you must first fill in your Quickbooks account details from within Rentman. Afterwards, you must configure your settings for automatic exporting.


  1. Go to the Configuration module > Account > Extensions.
  2. Click on the Connect with Quickbooks button.
    Make sure your browser allows pop-ups.
  3. Log in with your account details.

  4. After logging in, you can proceed with setting up automatic exporting.

Setting up

  1. Go to the Configuration module > Account > Extensions.
  2. For the option Export automatically, choose one of the following:


    If you choose Manual, you must click on the Start export button to send your new invoices to Quickbooks. Note: when there aren't any new invoices, this button is not available.

    If you choose On the following day(s), Rentman can automatically send new invoices to Quickbooks. You select all days that this should happen on. New invoices are always exported at 02:00 AM, on the days you choose here.
  3. Next, you must match your ledgers and VAT rates in Rentman to those in Quickbooks. This is necessary, because their names may be slightly different.
    The fields shown below are examples.

  4. Save your changes when you've matched all fields.
    If you can't click Save, the fields were probably not correctly matched. Try this step again.

You can view the status of your invoices in the Invoices module (see the section below).

View the status of your invoices

When your invoices have been exported to Quickbooks, you can check in Rentman whether this was done correctly. You do this as follows:

  1. Go to the Invoices module.
  2. Add the column Export status to the overview.
    Read how to add a column here.
  3. In this newly added column, you can see the status of your invoices.

Solving problems

My invoice was exported, but doesn't show up in Quickbooks.
It can occur that an invoice could not be exported to your accounting software. In some cases, we can determine why this happens. You can check this as follows:

  1. Go to the Invoices module.
  2. Add the column Export remark to the overview.
    Read how to add a column here.
  3. In this newly added column, you can see the status of your invoices.

Unfortunately, we cannot always determine a clear cause for exported invoices that don't show up in Quickbooks. See below for a list of known errors when generating invoices.

Known errors

  • There is no client added to the invoice

Frequently asked questions

I don't use Quickbooks. Can I connect my accounting software?
We only offer a connection with a limited number of accounting solutions, because maintaining and updating the connections costs a lot of time. In the future, we might support a higher number of accounting solutions, however this completely depends on the number of customers that use a particular software, and how easily it can be connected to Rentman. Contact us to see if we are already working on an integration with your accounting software. You can also add a wish to our Wishlist on the Community forum, if you'd like to add or support a connection to your accounting software.
Can I synchronize information between Rentman and my accounting software?
No, this is not possible. Exporting invoices is a one-way process. This means that you can only send information from Rentman to Quickbooks, and not the other way around.
When are my invoices exported?
New invoices are always automatically exported at 2:00 AM local time, on the days of your choosing. You can, however, also choose to do this manually. Read the section Connect Quickbooks for more information.
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