Plan crew from within a project

In the 'Planning' tab of your project, you plan your crew members and vehicles on crew and transport functions. The 'Planning' tab provides you with an overview of which functions need to be planned, which crew members are available and who is already planned on a function. From the 'Planning' tab you can invite crew members for functions and directly send them the planning.

Available for: Lite Classic Pro


Planned functions

In the 'Planning' tab you have an overview of all the project's crew and transport functions. You plan functions on a project in the 'Crew and transport' tab. A function is only displayed in the crew planner when times are connected to the function. All functions with connected times are then displayed in chronological order.

Choosing function groups

By default, you see all the functions planned on your project. In the 'Crew and transport' tab of your project, you can group functions by function groups. In the 'Planning' tab you can filter on these function groups, so you will only see the functions that belong to the selected function group. You select function groups via the drop-down menu where 'All function groups' is selected by default. 


Functions without linked times

Functions not linked to times in the 'Crew and transport' tab will not be displayed in the 'Planning' tab. To see a function in the 'Planning' tab you first need to link times to the function. Functions without times can be planned in the more comprehensive 'Crew planner' module.

Crew members and vehicle

On the left side, you have an overview of all your crew members and vehicles. You can switch between your crew members and vehicles by using the buttons at the top of the list. Clicking the 'Crew members' button you do not see planned vehicles (and the other way around).

Availability of crew members

When planning your crew on a function you can always keep track of the crew availability. When you select a function, the crew members will be highlighted in different colors to show their availability:

No color: Availability unknown
Green: Available: Crew member can be planned on the function.
Red: Not available: Crew member cannot be planned on the function.
Yellow: Invited: Crew member was invited for function or availability was requested -  Has not replied yet.
Dark green: Reserved: Crew member is informed he/she will work in the selected period, but he/she doesn't have information about the project (note: reserving crew members is only possible in the 'Crew planner' module).

You will find more precise information on the timeline. You can open and close the timeline by clicking on the tijdlijn_icoontje.png icon.

Plan crew members and vehicles on functions

  1. Click on the function you want to plan a crew member or vehicle on.
  2. Double click on a crew member you want to plan on the function.
  3. Now the crew member is planned on the function and the function will be displayed in green.

Follow the steps below to plan multiple crew members or vehicles on a function.

  1. Click on the function you want to plan crew members or vehicles on.
  2. Select all crew members or vehicles you want to plan on the function by checking their checkboxes.
  3. Click on 'Plan' at the top of the tab to plan the selected crew members or vehicles on the function.

You can also plan crew members on a function using invitations.

Visible and invisible planning

You can make crew and transport functions visible or invisible to crew members. This is useful when you are still editing the planning, and don't want your crew member(s) to see it yet.

When a function is visible, crew members will receive a notification of functions they are planned on, and the function will show in their personal calendar.

When a function is invisible, crew members will not receive notifications of functions, and the function will not be shown in their calendar.


Communicating the planning

In the 'Planning' tab you can communicate the planning to crew members. The crew members planned on a function will receive a personal email with the specifications of the functions they are planned on.

Salary rates

Apply a rate

When you add a member to your crew, you can configure a default salary rate.

But when you plan the crew member on a function, you can apply a different rate than the Default rate.

  1. In the Planning tab of your project, double-click on your crew member.
  2. Next to Crew member rate, select the rate to apply.
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