What is a power user?

In this article we provide general information about power users.

Available for: Lite Classic Pro


What is a power user?

Only power users have full rights and permissions in Rentman. Only they can:

  • Create, edit and delete projects
  • Create, edit and delete invoices, contracts and quotations
  • Export invoices, create payment reminders, change payment statuses
  • Add crew members and edit the crew planner schedule
  • Send crew invites and planning e-mails
  • Access the configuration module to configure advanced settings in Rentman

Note: Read the Frequently Asked Questions section on the bottom of this article for a list of features that you have access to if you are not a power user.

How many power users do I need?

The number of power users you need depends on whether they need the above described rights to carry out their job. Users that don't need these rights can be added to projects as crew members. These accounts are free in Rentman, and are added by a power user. You can add or delete a power user everytime.

Assign a power user role 

Read our article Assigning rights and permissions to crew members for more information.

Frequently asked questions

How do I change the number of power users in my Rentman license?
Please read our dedicated article to this question.

Can I use a power user for a short period of time? 
Yes. If you increase the number of power users, you will receive an extra invoice the next day. You can decrease the amount of power users afterwards.

I am not a power user. What features are available for me?

  • Projects
    • Enter the project module and see a list of projects with information in the widgets.
  • Calendar
    • See the planning of other crew members and change your own availability and that of others.
  • Warehouse
    • Add equipment items to a project and set their price.
  • Statistics
  • Sent messages
  • Change your user details
  • Maintenance
  • Time registration
  • Tasks
  • Equipment
  • Contacts
  • Crew members
  • Vehicles
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