Sometimes, when you shift a project's time schedule, conflicts in crew planning can arise. For example, a crew member may be booked on more than one function at a given time. Or a crew member might be unavailable on certain days when you change a project's time schedule.

Here, you can see how some crew members are double-booked on functions that happen at the same time.

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How to fix crew planning conflicts

Option 1 - remove all crew members and plan again

If all crew members are impacted, you can streamline the process by selecting and removing the planned crew members from the schedule. Subsequently, re-plan the functions with a new crew as necessary. However, this approach may become cumbersome when dealing with just a few planning issues, as it would entail re-planning a significant number of individuals.

To remove all crew members:

  1. Navigate to the Crew scheduling tab of your project.
  2. Select all crew members.
  3. On the top bar that appears, click on more_vert and select 'Delete'
  4. Save

remove crew members.gif

You can also remove all crew member planning from the crew planner:

  1. Navigate to the crew planner module
  2. Find your project and click on it to unfold 'Planning'
  3. Drag and select the planned crew members.
  4. Right-click on the selected crew members and select 'Delete.'

remove crew members from crew planner.gif

Now, you can plan new crew members on functions without conflicts. 

Option 2 - identify scheduling conflicts and re-plan crew members

Suppose the changes do not affect all of your crew members, and you prefer to retain some of your existing planning. In that case, you can approach this by individually addressing the impacted functions. For each affected function, remove the conflicting crew members and assign other crew members to fulfill those roles.

To remove a few crew members:

  1. Hold down the Ctrl/Command key and click to select multiple crew members.
  2. Right-click and select 'Delete'

resolve crew scheduling conflicts.gif

Now, you can plan new crew members on functions without conflicts. 

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