Equipment status in the Warehouse module

Equipment status and project status can be different

Example: you booked part of the equipment to "On location", but you will finish packing the next day. The status of some of the equipment is now on location, while the project status is still "confirmed".

When you book all equipment to another status, Rentman does propose to change the status of the (sub)project. This is optional.

In the Warehouse module, equipment can have 4 statuses displayed in the following columns:

  • To pack - This is the equipment of the confirmed projects on the day.
  • Prepped - This is the equipment that has been prepared.
  • On location / Expected back - This is the equipment of projects that are taking place. You can navigate between the tabs: 
    • All projects on location 
    • Projects expected back that day 
  • Delayed - This is the equipment of the projects that should have returned, but haven't been (completely) booked back to the warehouse. A project will automatically be assigned this status when some equipment is still on location. You cannot manually assign this status to projects.Tip: You can change the status of a project in the Warehouse module by clicking on "Done". You can also change the status of a project by opening it in the table_chart Projects module, and editing the status in the General tab.
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