Project history of an equipment

Is there a way to see which projects my equipment has previously been planned on? 

Yes, you can see which project an equipment has been previously planned in the equipment database. 

display project history of equipment.gif

  1. Go to your category Equipment Module.
  2. mceclip0.png Check mark the equipment you want to filter (more than one equipment is optional).
  3. Selectmore_vert More actions or right-click an equipment after check marking.
  4. Select Display projects.
  5. Rentman will display all projects containing the equipment you selected using a filter in the table_chart Projects module.

Note: Rentman will search for projects that contain all the equipment combined if more than one equipment is checked.

Can I see the project history for a serialized equipment?
Yes, you can see the project history of a serialized equipment in the category Serial Number Module
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