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Quotations, invoices, packing slips and other receipts can be emailed directly from Rentman. Unfortunately, it can happen that emails don't reach the customer. This article we will explain what the cause could be and what you can do about it.

You can change the sender address of your emails. Read our extensive article for more information about having your email address verified and personalized.

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There are several reasons why an email doesn't arrive. There are roughly two categories.

  1. Bounces: The sending or receiving server does not accept the email. This means that an email has bounced. This can come through Spam. In this category an email is considered as 'not accepted' and you often receive a statement from the sending or receiving server why the email has not been accepted.
  2. E-mail was not received but there is no bounce: Something happened after the receiving server accepted the email. Often this is not clear and there is no explanation from the sending or receiving server. It may be that the email is marked as spam and therefore still stopped or ended up in the spam inbox. Read more about this option under the heading 'Spam'. 


The server from the sending server (of Rentman) or the receiving server (of the customer) does not accept the email. The reason for this is often mentioned immediately by email or in the message screen in Rentman.

The message screen in Rentman can be found in the top right corner by your name. If you do not see the messages icon, you do not have the correct rights. Make sure you get the correct user role or that your user role is adjusted so that you have access to the screen. 

Find the cause of a bounce

You can view the status of sent emails in the Sent Messages screen, when you click on your profile name. If you cannot see this tab, you likely don't have sufficient rights. This means that your user role needs to be changed.

An email can be sent, pending, or not sent. These statuses mean the following:

Status Sent
Meaning The receiving server has marked the email as sent
Status Pending
Meaning The sending server hasn't sent the email yet. This is probably because too many emails are being sent by multiple accounts in batches, with a delay to prevent an email being marked as spam. The sending server automatically tries to resend the emails, up until a defined limit. This cannot be cancelled.
Possible action:
  • Waiting is often the best solution, since the email will generally be sent succesfully.
  • If an email is urgent, you can try to send it again. However, the recipient might receive the e-mail twice.
  • Send the email from your own server.
Status Not sent
Meaning The email wasn't sent by the sending server, or wasn't accepted by the receiving server. The reason for this is often displayed in the Sent Messages screen. If you don't see a reason, please contant us. We may be able to determine the cause. Note: Rentman does not manage the receiving server, therefore we may not be able to always determine a cause.
Possible action:
  • View the reason in the Sent Messages screen, or contact us.
  • Send the email again.
  • Send the email from your own server.

Common causes of a bounce

Wrong email address This is the most common reason. Please check the email address and try again.
Bounced by receiving server due to spam This may be because the IP address of is marked as a spam address. Please contact us if this is the case. We are often able to change the IP address, which solves this issue. A short-term solution is to send the email from your own server.
Bounced by sending server because address is on a blacklist Our email client keeps a blacklist of email addresses, which were marked because of various reasons. The email address may have been offline for a short period of time in the past, or the inbox was full. Please contact us if this happens, to let us remove this email address from the blacklist.


In some cases, emails might be marked as spam. This can be done by the receiving server, or the sending server.

When email is marked as spam

A server rates each incoming mail with a spam score, based on a number of variables. A perfect score is 100. If the score is insufficient, the email is marked as spam. Each server carries out a spam check with each incoming email. Every server uses their own scoring system. This system is not accessible, since senders of spam emails might abuse the system with this information.

Variables that often contribute to a lower spam score:

  • Big impact: Content of the email. The word SALE might trigger a lower spam score, or perhaps a lot of HTML code is present in the email which causes a lower spam score. It is also possible there is not enough text in the email.
  • Small impact: The sending email address. If the displayed sender address does not match the actual address of the sender, this may cause a (slightly) lower spam score. Please read our article about verifying your sender address for more information.

What spam score do emails sent from within Rentman get?

Emails sent from within Rentman are generally rated with a spam score around 70/100. This is a good (or very good) score. However, even with this score emails might be marked as spam by the receiver. This happens when the receiving server places a strong emphasis on certain variables in an email that may lower the spam score. Unfortunately, we cannot directly determine these variables since they are being kept secret out of safety measures.

We've done extensive testing on emails that are sent by Rentman, to increase the spam score as much as possible. This means that emails sent from within Rentman are rarely marked as spam.

My email is marked as spam. What do I do?

Do an independent test - To see whether your email gets a good or bad rating, you can use a spamchecker website such as In this case, you send your email to mail-tester to receive a spam score.

  • If you receive a bad score: let us know at, so that we can improve the spam score.
  • If you receive a good score: test a couple of times, and see whether you can improve your email.

Improve the spam score

Look at the results of the spam checker and see if you can improve anything. We can help you out here, contact us at or give us a call.

In case too many emails are sent from Rentman end up in Spam but you see no more improvements you can do. You may choose to send the most important emails from your own email servers.

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