Add and manage crew members

Available for: Lite Classic Pro

You can add and manage crew members in Rentman. This article explains how to add new crew members and folders for sorting.

 Adding a new employee

Open the ‘create crew member’ screen by clicking on the ‘+ add’ button on top left in the Crew member screen. In this screen you can enter all employee data and assign their user role.

By setting a user role you decide what right the crew member has in Rentman. You can create new user roles with custom permissions in configuration > user roles.  

Set a username (use only lowercase) and password for your user which he/she can use to login to Rentman. Users can change their password later.

You can select whether a user receives schedule (update) emails. When selecting the option “Send planning emails” Rentman will ask whether you want to send out a planning update when saving a project.

When you’re working with an external employment agency you can select the option “Multiple times simultaneously deployable (hiring company)” in the “Subhire company” field. This makes it possible to schedule the crew member more than once for a job.  

Setting employee rates

You can set rates for each crew member in the ‘Rates tab’. If a crew member works in different functions you can add multiple rates. When scheduling the crew member you can choose for which rate he will be working. You can overrule the default rate with another rate when planning the crew member.    


Adding folders and subfolders

You can use folders to sort different types of crew members. In your ‘Crew members’ screen go into editing folders by clicking on the wrench right next to ‘Folders’ > select Edit folders.

  • To create a main folder click on the “Add main folder” button.
  • To create a subfolder: click on the wrench icon on the right of a main folder > and select ‘+ new folder’.

When editing folders you can change the grouping by drag-and-dropping the folders. To stop editing click on the wrench icon next to ‘Folders’ again > select “stop editing folders”

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