Project types

With project types you can make sure that you load the right settings in a project and later on distinguish between these types in your overviews and statistics. This article will explain you how to set up your project templates and project types and how to use them.-

Project types

For every project you also choose a project type. With project types you can distinguish between different kind of projects. Every project type can have a different setup like a specific quotation template and invoice template that is used by default as well as a standard letter head.  
By using project types you can easily have the right settings for your project. This also makes it easy for you to differentiate between certain types of projects in your overview and in statistics. 

Set up project types
Go to configuration > project types to set up your project types.

With each project type you can preset the following information:

Name: Give this project type a name like "Dry hire", "Sale" or "Festival"
Letter head: Select a certain letter head that will be used as a standard
Invoice moment: Select a standard invoice moment for this project type

Use project types
When creating a new project you also define a project type. Project types can help you to filter or sort your project overview so that you can e.g. only show project with the project type "Dry hire". This way you can also have a look at your statistics module and see which project type generates the highest revenue.

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