Widgets (notes, tags, tasks and files)

Most modules in Rentman have widgets Widget.png, which provide useful extra information. Since widgets are not always necessary to have on screen, you can always hide notes, tags, tasks and files when not needed.

These modules have widgets:
  • Projects
  • Invoices
  • Equipment
  • Contacts
  • Crew
  • Vehicles
  • Tasks
  • Repairs



Notes are useful to add internal or external messages to a project. You can choose where a note should be displayed, and who should see them.


Tags are labels that you can use to group your projectsequipment itemscontactscrew membersvehiclesinvoices and tasks. First, you add a tag to your item(s) in a module. Afterwards, you can filter the shown items in a module by selecting your tag in the Filter sidebar.


Tasks are useful to indicate what needs to be done. You can use it for CRM purposes to follow up on important leads, remind yourself of vehicle MOT's, remind yourself to update the contract of your crew member, or prepare a list of tasks for your crew. Rentman's notification system ensures that you won't forget a task.


You can upload files to Rentman so that your crew members can download them. You can use the file management system to store maps (of your locations), riders and scenarios (of your projects).

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