Filters and presets

Filters are useful to search or narrow down the selection within a module. For example, use them to find a specific contact/invoice, or narrow down the selection of projects/equipment items. By creating presets, you can instantly switch between different filter selections at any time.

In this article, we summarize various filter options.


Show or hide filters

  1. In a module, click the Filter sidebar button Filters.png.

Filter options

Date selection

  • Period
    Next 14 days, Past 3 months
  • From/until
    04-06-2018 until 03-01-2019


To select items without a date, use the  button.


Tags are labels that you can use to group your projects, equipment items, contactscrew members, vehicles, invoices and tasks. First, you add a tag to your item(s) in a module. Afterwards, you can filter the shown items in a module by selecting your tag in the Filter sidebar.

Custom filters

Rentman also allows you to add custom filters, based on a large number of variables within the software. For example:

  • All confirmed projects
  • All projects of accountmanager X
  • All projects with equipment shortages
  • All contacts with open tasks
  • All projects with unplanned crew functions
  • All equipment in repair
  1. Open the Filter sidebar.
  2. Click the + next to Filters.

  3. Choose a filter from the list.
  4. Click Add.

Any custom filter that you add is immediately active. To disable it, you need to delete it from the Filter sidebar.

Using presets

A preset is a collection of selected filters. They allow you to instantly switch between active filters, to find what you're looking for in any situation. Rentman's dashboard also features presets, which will redirect you to the relevant module when clicked on.

Create a new preset

  1. Apply all filters you want to add to the preset.
  2. In the Filter sidebar, scroll down and click on Save selection as preset.

You can now select your preset in the Filter sidebar.

An example of a preset is a selection of all projects that need to be invoiced with the filters all confirmed projects and ready for invoicing.

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  • How can I create a filter to show only projects that are "On Location"?

    When viewing the "Projects by Status" statistics I see 8 projects listed as on location however the warehouse module only shows me 2 projects on location and 2 projects delayed.


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