Add crew and transport functions to a project

In this article, we explain how you can add function groups and what the different function options mean. You can also watch our tutorial video below:

Available for: Lite Classic Pro



Open a project and click on the crew and transport tab to plan crew functions and rides. These will be used on the quotation and in the crew and transport planner to plan vehicles on the rides and crew members on the crew functions. Crew functions and rides are planned in function groups, these are connected to times.

Add a function group

Crew functions and rides are planned in function groups. These make it possible to group several together. Fill a name for a new group, check the selected times and change if needed and click on the plus on the right side. Click on the edit button to change a existing function group.

Add function and rides

Click on the left side on default functions or rides to plan these directly in the selected function group. To add a completely new function click on the arrow next to add and select function. Fill the function and click on add. Double click the icon of the function to edit the function or ride.

Add new default functions

  1. In the sidebar on the left, click Add.
  2. Choose between Crew and Transport.
  3. Fill in the details of this default function.
  4. Click Save.

To plan crew members and vehicles on the crew functions and rides click on the crew planner icon. The project stays open as tab and the crew and transport planner will be open with the time period of the project with the corresponding crew functions and rides.

Function options

Crew or transport

select if it should be a crew function or a ride.

Name on quotation
fill the name to be shown on the quotation.

Name for internal usage 
this name will be shown in the crew planner and is communicated to planned crew members.

Period: times known
this is the period communicated to the customer and crew members as times of the function, click on the period to change these times. You can select from the free selection or from the time schedule. A deviating plan period can be selected for example if the crew members meet for a briefing before the function. The usage period is shown on the price calculation, the plan period is communicated to crew members.

Period: times unknown
fill a number and a unit (for example: 8 hours) to add a function without times.

Travel time before/after
fill a number and a unit to fill the travel time. The travel time is visible for the planner and can be used to select if crew members join drive in a vehicle to the location or not.

fill the number of crew members or vehicles needed for the function.

Break (crew)
fill a number and unit to enter a break time.

Distance (transport)
a distance is automatically set based on the distance from your location (set in the configuration) to the location selected for the project. A distance can also be set manually.

Rental costs
fill the hourly price/km-price or fixed price used for the price calculation.

Subhire costs
fill the expected costs by hour/km or unit for the crew members or vehicles.

VAT code
select what VAT code should be used for the function.

select a customer, planner or crew member and fill a remark which will be used in the communications for these persons.

In price calculation
de-select this option to not include the function in the price calculation.

Show in planner
de-select this option to not show the function in the crew planner.

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