Configure the Crew planner overview

In this article we explain how you can set the right overview in the crew planner.-


The crew planner offers multiple tools to select the right data for your overview. This means you can adjust the crew planner to your own preferences. By using these buttons   you can adjust the crew planner. We will explain what every button means. 


By clicking on the clock icon, a timeline will appear on the bottom of your screen. When you select one or multiple crewmembers the timeline will show their planning. This way you get a clear view of when and where your crew is working. 


By clicking the filter icon you can choose to hide or show the filter bar on the left side. When you have made a selection and use it as a filter the filter icon will have an orange color. 

An example of a filter is to set the filter on a time period. In this case you select a start and finish date. You can zoom in and out to get the best overview. You can read more about filters here.  


Here you can see your crew and transport. When you select crew or transport these will appear in the timeline. In this part it is also it is also possible to search for notes or tags, to do this click on the label icon  next to 'search'. Every selected ressource will be shown on the bottom of your screen. 

Functions without a date 

Here you can see functions that you added without a date. By using the drag and drop function you can drag the functions from to the timeline. This way you will be able to see the time length of the function. 


To have a larger and clearer overview you can click on the fullscreen button. Click the button again and you will return to the usual view. 

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