Functions in the Crew Planner

In the Crew Planner you can see all of the crew and transport functions of your projects. You can easily shorten and lengthen the time frame of the planned functions. You can also drag an entire function to a different day or time.

Watch our video about the Crew Planner for a visual explanation.


Icons and colors

The icons indicate functions:

  • Crew function Crew_function_icon.png
  • Transport function Transport_function_icon.png
  • Remark Remark_icon__crew_planner_.png

The color of a function indicates:

  • whether the function is visible or invisible for crew members
    • Visible (dark blue) Crew_member_visible.png
    • Invisible (light blue) Crew_member_invisible.png
  • whether there are enough crew members or vehicles (resources) planned on a function
    • fully planned (green) Green.png
    • not fully planned (red) Red.png
    • fully planned, but the function is still invisible Orange.png

Adjust function times

When you move or drag a function, the times are automatically adjusted in the relevant project.

  • Move the entire function
    Click and drag the function in the overview
  • Change the time frame
    Drag the beginning or the end of a function

Set a round trip

For each function you can also display the travel time of the outward journey and/or the journey back in the overview.

You can set these travel times when you create functions in your project.

In the overview these travel times are displayed as follows: 




You can also indicate whether a crew member uses these trips or not. You can do this as follows:

Right-click a crew member.

  1. Choose Edit.
  2. At Transport you can choose between:

    Round trip
    Only way there
    Only way back

  3. Click Save.

Influence on project costs

When you adjust the crew functions in the Crew Planner, this does not affect the price of the project. 

All function changes are shown in the Financial tab of your project, so you can find out how the changes would (or could) affect your project costs. 

Planning crew and transport on functions

Read this article about planning crew and transport in the Crew Planner  for more information.

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