Invite crew members for functions

You can invite crew members to fill in their availability, or invite them directly for a specific function. In this article, we explain how to do this.

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An invitation is sent to a crew member by e-mail and the Rentman App. An invitation carries information about a function and the project. The crew member with the question if the crew member is available yes/no. The crew member can choose the answer which is directly processed to the planner.

Invitations in Rentman can be sent from:

  • The crew planner or from the
  • Crewplanning tab in a project

Two sorts of invitations can be sent:

  • Invitations for a function: the crew member is asked if he/she can work for the function.
  • Invitations for availability: the crew member is asked if he/she is available for a certain period of time.

Invitation for a function

  1. Select one or multiple crew functions (multiple crew functions can be selected by holding the Ctrl key).
  2. Select one or multiple crew members (multiple crew members can be selected by using the check boxes).
  3. Click on the More_Actions.png button in the crew planner in the project module or on the Actions.png button in the crew planner module.
  4. Choose 'invite selected crew members'.
  5. Select 'invite for visible planning' or an alternative. See other options explained below.

A pop-up opens with the selected functions. You can add an additional text here to add to the invitation. By default the invitation contains project and function information.

The invitation will be sent within 15 minutes. Multiple invitations within 15 minutes will be combined into one e-mail with multiple options. Invitations can also be received and answered in the Rentman App. The invitations module in the Rentman App gives an overview of all outstanding invitations. Push notifications can be sent for new invitations. Make sure the Rentman App has the rights to sent push notifications in the App settings.

All the selected crew members will receive an e-mail on the e-mail address that has been entered for the crew member in the crew module. A crew member can also see, accept or decline all their invites in 'My schedule' and in the Rentman App.

Ways of sending invitations

Invitations for a function can be sent in three ways:

  • Invitation for visible planning: the crew member gets the question 'are you available for this function? When choosing 'yes' the crew member is directly planned. Use this option by default.
  • Invitation for invisible planning: the crew member gets the question 'are you available for this function? When choosing 'yes' the crew member is invisibly planned.
  • Invitation for availability: the crew member gets the question 'are you available for this function?'. The crew member will be shown available or not available when clicking this function depending on the answer of the crew member. Use this option when you just want to know availability from a large group of crew members.

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