Plan equipment from within a project

Available for: Lite Classic Pro

Plan your equipment

  1. Go to the Projects module and double-click a project to open it.
  2. Go to the Equipment tab.

    The equipment in your database is shown on the left part of the screen.
    On the right side, you will see equipment that is sorted into equipment groups.

  3. Use the search field (or navigate the equipment folders) to find the item you want to add.
  4. Double-click an item to add it to the overview. You can also select the item and enter an amount in the Quantity field to plan multiple items at once.

Planning specific serial numbers 
You also have the option to select the specific item (serial number) of the equipment you want to book for a project.

  1. Select an item in your project.
  2. Click the More actions button More.PNG and choose Reserve serial number. The pop-up screen shows an overview of your serial numbers and their availability status.
  3. Select your preferred serial number and choose Reserve to book it for the project.

The serial number you've selected will be visible on the packing slip and in the booking screen of your warehouse module.

Equipment availability
Items turn red when there are not sufficient items available for the planned time of the equipment group. Select an item and click on timelineto see the equipment availability timeline for the period of the project. Go over the item in the timeline to see a table showing the sum of the equipment availability.

Equipment groups
Equipment items are always planned in equipment groups. When planning items an equipment group is automatically created. Click on the equipment group to change the name. Double click on the edit icon and choose edit to change the time, delete the group or change it to a different sub-project.

To add a new equipment group, enter a name in the 'add new group' box, select a time and click on the plus button on the right.


Connected groups are by default connected to a planning period and a usage period. The planning period is the period your equipment will be reserved and taken out of the stock, the usage period will be used for your pricing. In the general tab of your project, a default planning and usage period is set, edit the equipment group to choose or connect other times for the equipment group. 

Screen overview

This column shows the kits that can be extended. Click on the plus or min to extend or minimize the sets. This is also possible for sets in sets.

The column with the dark check is the selected item.

Use this column to drag and drop items to change the order.

an equipment module is shown with the icon, normal items are shown with the icon and sets are shown with the icon.

Name column
Shows the item name in the project, click to change this name.

Note: The name of an equipment item entered in the equipment module is the database name of an item when this name is changed in a project this is the project name of the item. The project name of an item is by default used in the quotation so you can change the name to understandable terms for your lead, the database name is by default used in the packing slip so your warehouse workers know what item they need. If you want to show the project name in the packing slip you can edit this in the templates by adding the project name column instead of the database name column into the equipment module.

Quantity column
Number of items planned, click to change.

Total quantity column
Shows total number of items planned in a set.

Example: a DJ set contains one CDJ2000, you plan the DJ set twice. If you open the set it will show the CDJ2000 is planned once in a DJ set and the total quantity of that set is two.

Discount column
Fill in a discount percentage that will be subtracted from the daily rental price.

Remark column

This can be shown on the quotation. Edit the template to show or not show the remark or show it in a different way. The remark in the project is automatically filled with the remark for quotation filled in the equipment module.

Total amount column
The total costs. 

Add or hide a column

Hide a column in the list by clicking the check next to a column name and choose hide column. Add a new column by clicking the wrench button and choosing the column you like to add.

Invisible planning

Click on the check next to the add button and click on comment or temporary item to add these in the planning.

Temporary items can be used for custom items you have only a single item of or an item you do not have in stock and sub-rent. A temporary item is not in your database, the available stock will be 0 and there will be a shortage shown in the project.

Comment lines

Comment lines can add information to your packing slip or quotation. Comment lines are relevant in the order of the equipment planning, when changing this order the comment lines may be not shown.  


Accessories can be added to items in the equipment database. Add an item with accessories and the accessories will be added as items automatically or manually. When planned the accessories have no connection anymore to the original item.

Edit sets

Click on the  to open the set. When sets are opened the number of items in the set can directly be changed. When a opened set is selected, new items can directly be added by adding them from your equipment list on the left.

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