The Crew Planner module

The Crew Planner module provides an overview of all crew and transport functions of all your projects. In this article, we cover all functionalities and parts of the Crew Planner, and provide links to articles about each topic.

The Crew Planner module is an alternative for the Planning tab in your project. The Crew Planner module has more functionalities, and is available for accounts with a Rentman Pro license.

You can also watch our video about the Crew Planner (subtitles are available in multiple languages):


Configure the overview

With the buttons in the top right, you can show or hide elements of the Crew Planner. This allows you to configure the overview to your preference, and to show important information when you need it.

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Change function times

You can drag, drop, extend and shorten all functions that you see in the overview. This allows you to quickly change the time period of a function. The colour of a function indicates whether there are sufficient crew members or vehicles planned on that function.

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View availability of crew members and vehicles

Before you can plan crew members and vehicles, you must check their availability. Crew members can provide their availability for a certain time period themselves, or let someone else do it for them. The colour of a crew member or vehicle indicates whether they are available.

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Invite crew members

You can invite crew members to provide their availability, or directly invite them for a specific function.

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Visible and invisible planning

You can turn a function visibile or invisible for a crew member. Setting a function to invisible is useful when its timeperiod is not yet clear. You can turn it invisible again, as soon as you've confirmed the time period for that function.

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Plan crew members and vehicles on functions

When the availability of a crew member or vehicle is known, you can plan them on a function.

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Send the planning

When you've planned your crew members and vehicles, you can send the planning to all relevant crew members. Crew members can choose in what way(s) they want to receive the invitation: by email, in the Rentman App, and/or as notification in Rentman in your webbrowser.

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