View equipment availability and shortages

Available for: Lite Classic Pro

You can see and edit the equipment availability in the Equipment tab of your projects. In this article, we explain how to view the equipment availability and how you use it in Rentman.-

Equipment timeline

Tip: Click the Timeline button Timeline.png to open the timeline.

When you have overbooked equipment in your project the respective item will be marked red, signaling an equipment shortage. If you create a subhire this will show in the equipment timeline as a blue bar. The timeline in the Equipment tab of your projects displays inventory data of the selected articles.


Equipment name: The upper part of the timeline displays the quantity of the equipment you have planned for the period combined for all projects. Subhires will also be taken into account for this quantity. You will see a red bar when you have planned more than you have available.

Warehouse stock: This section shows you how much of the equipment you have available in your warehouse stock (excluding any subhires).

Projects: The projects part shows you all projects on which you have planned the specific equipment within the respective time frame. The dark gray bar is your active project; lighter gray bars are all other projects on which the equipment is planned. The number in the bar signals the quantity of planned equipment for that project.

When hovering over a timeline bar a tooltip will pop-up, showing you more in-depth details about the equipment stock. 

Equipment will not be automatically reserved for a project if the project status is in option. The equipment availability will be shown in the upper bar of the timeline .

Select a period of time
The time shown for a project in the timeline is the entire rental period of the project. In the equipment section a period time can be selected by clicking on 'Period' in the timeline. It is also possible to zoom in the timeline by clicking on the magnifying glasses. 


If the period of time is larger than what is shown it is possible to sroll trough the dates horizontally or trough the items vertically.  

Equipment reservation

The projects that you see in your equipment timeline are outlined either in green or red. Green means that you reserved the necessary quantity of equipment for this project. Red means that you need to manage your reservations for this project.

When clicking on a project bar in the timeline a pop-up screen will open that shows your reservations.


Within the 'Reservations' screen you can assign available equipment to a project or remove it. The screen shows you how many items you have planned, where the equipment is coming from and what your potential shortage is.

Change equipment allocation for projects

When clicking on the plus (+) icon next to 'Warehouse' in the reservation screen you will get a view of where your equipment is located.


You can change your equipment allocation between projects when periods overlap. In this case you can remove your items from project A and assign them to project B. The way you do this is by clicking on the project bar and change the number of items you want to reserve in the pop-up screen. You can select the amount of equipment you want to reserve from your warehouse stock by setting a number in the “reserved for project” field and save.

Creating a subhire order

You can generate a subhire order within a project. Select the equipment that you want to hire, click on shortages and select ‘subhire’ to create an order. This subhire can be used to cover the needed amount of planned equipment. 

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