The Warehouse module

The Warehouse module provides an overview of the equipment that needs to be prepared, is coming back, or should have returned already. Equipment can be booked per project and scanned to carry different statuses so that it's clear where the equipment currently is.

Crew can directly add alternatives, additional equipment, notes, or report lost and defective equipment (based on their user rights).

Available for: Lite Classic Pro

Overview of the module


This timeline shows which vehicles are leaving and coming back on that day. This makes it clear what projects are going out and are coming back in. You may use this to know what equipment needs to be loaded, unloaded or prepared.


Planned crew

This timeline shows which crew members are planned on the projects of that day.


Equipment status and Project status

Equipment status and project status can be different

Example: you booked part of the equipment to "On location", but you will finish packing the next day. The status of some of the equipment is now on location, while the project status is still "confirmed".

When you book all equipment to another status, Rentman does propose to change the status of the (sub)project. This is optional.

In the Warehouse module, equipment can have 4 statuses:

  • To pack - This is the equipment of the confirmed projects on the day.
  • Prepped - This is the equipment that has been prepared.
  • On location - This is the equipment of projects that are taking place. You have two options:
    • Show all: All projects that carry this status.
    • Expected back: Projects that end on the day.
  • Delayed - This is the equipment of the projects that should have returned, but haven't been (completely) booked back to the warehouse. A project will automatically be assigned this status when some equipment is still on location. You cannot manually assign this status to projects.Tip: You can change the status of a project in the Warehouse module by clicking on Done.png . You can also change the status of a project by opening it in the Projects module, and editing the status it in the General tab.

Project tiles

Each tile of a status represents one (sub)project. A tile shows up in the warehouse module when:

  • the (sub)project status is 'Confirmed'.
  • The planning period of the equipment group(s) matches with the date on the Warehouse module.

    Be sure to select the right day in the top left of the module.

Note: When you are using subprojects, every tile represents a subproject.


The project tiles show the following information:

  • Name -Name of the (sub)project.
  • Date -Start or end date of the planning period.
  • Book equipment - Click on the Book equipment button to start booking equipment.
  • Print  - Click on Print to print a slip or other file.
  • Notes - Click on Notes to view the notes added to the project. Click on Add to type a new note and then on + to add it.
  • Done - Click on Done.png to advance a project to its next status.

Currently, drag-and-dropping a tile to a different column changes the status of the project, but not the status of the equipment. We are investigating the implementation of this functionality, but it is not planned at the moment.  

Booking and scanning equipment

By booking equipment to a specific status, everyone in the warehouse knows what needs to happen with equipment items (or sets) and where they currently are located. Additionally, particular details about equipment (broken items, alternatives for planned items, notes) can be directly reported. You can do this from the browser version and the mobile app version of Rentman.

It is, however, not mandatory to book equipment in Rentman. The equipment stock is based on the equipment planning, rather than the equipment booking.

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