Booking and scanning in the browser

In this article, we explain how to book equipment using the browser version of Rentman. You can also book equipment with the Rentman Mobile app.

Read this article to know the scanners options in Rentman.

Available for: Lite Classic Pro

General information

By booking equipment to a specific status, everyone in the warehouse knows what needs to happen with equipment items (or sets) and where they currently are located. Additionally, particular details about equipment (broken items, alternatives for planned items, notes) can be directly reported.

It is, however, not mandatory to book equipment in Rentman. The equipment stock is based on the equipment planning, rather than the equipment booking.

The equipment status and the project status can be different.

When you book all equipment to another status, Rentman does propose to change the status of the (sub)project. This is optional.

Where to find the booking screen

  1. Go to the Warehouse module, and search for the project tile that you want to book equipment for.
  2. Click on Book equipment, in the (sub)project tile.


Overview of the booking screen

Equipment tiles


Name The name, as set in the equipment database.
Group Number of planned items in the project.
Total Total number of planned items in the project.



Click to view an image of the item (images can be added in the Equipment module).

Create note


Click to add a note to an item. This note is the same field as the note on the slip in a project's equipment list. A note that's been created there will show here, and notes that are created here will show there

Additional options

See section Additional options.

View of items and kits

Kits will be shown as a single tile that can be expanded or collapsed. Click on the view icon to expand or collapse the kit. You can then book a single item from the kit to another status, or the entire kit.

Equipment statuses

Warehouse to prepped The equipment was in the warehouse and has now been packed
Warehouse to location The equipment was in the warehouse and is now to location.
Prepped to location The equipment has been packed and is now loaded.
Return to warehouse The equipment came back from location and has returned to the warehouse.

Grouping equipment


By equipment group Equipment will be grouped by equipment group

By warehouse location

Equipment will be sorted per warehouse location as defined for the equipment items themselves.

Do not group

The equipment will be shown in order of addition and will not be grouped.

Manually book equipment

  1. Select the status you want to book to.

  2. You have three options in the booking screen:
  • Drag the equiment tile to the left or right.
  • Click on the Pijl_rechts.png Pijl_links.png arrow(s) behind an equipment(group).
  • Click on Everything_to.png Everything to.

Book equipment using a scanner

  1. Connect a scanner that can act as a keyboard to your computer.
  2. Click on the scanner button in the booking screen.


  3. You can start scanning right away.

Optional: Click on the sound button Scanner_volume.png to enable scanning sounds.

Workflow for sale equipment

If in a project you planned sale items (like consumables items), when returning your equipment to the warehouse you must leave on location the ones you used.

When moving equipment from "On location" to "Brought back", in the Group field you can select the number of pieces used, and that will remain "On location". Then press the  on the right to move the remaining pieces back in the warehouse. The pieces that came back will be counted in the stock level of the item.

e.g.: You brought 20 rolls of gaffa tape to an event, but you eventually only used 7. When booking back the equipment, type in '7' in the  Group field.

After moving back all the equipment (not only the sale items), click on the drop-down menu on the top-right corner and select Change status and close .

Scan back equipment from multiple projects

If you have equipment from multiple projects coming back to the warehouse at the same time, you can use the 'Scan back' function to register it all in one go. 

Add additional equipment

  1. Click on Enter additional equipment.
  2. Search for and click on the desired item.
  3. Fill in the necessary information about the item.
  4. Click on Enter equipment.

The additional equipment will automatically be placed in a new equipment group.

Additional options

When packing items

Items that have been planned in quantity 2 or more can be split in multiple tiles. Click to split and fill in the number of items that should remain on the current tile, after which the other items will move to a new tile.

Note: When splitting items in a kit, both the existing and the new tile will be put outside of the kit.

Click and choose another item to plan instead of the current item. The new item will be added for the same price as the planned item. This can be changed by changing the price of the old item.

Note: When choosing alternatives within kits, the items will be assigned a price of 0.


When items are back from location

The item will go to maintenance. You can choose to charge the customer for this.

The item did not return. You can choose to charge the customer for this.


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