In the My Schedule module, you can see your own or your colleagues' planning. A crew member can also fill in their availability and respond to an invitation in 'My Schedule'.

In this article, we explain how to use the My Schedule module.



When you click on 'Everybody' you will see the complete schedule. You will see every crew members projects and times. 

At this spot you will see your own name or you can enter the name of a colleague to look at his/her schedule. 

With Calender synchronization you can synchronize your calender in Rentman with another device. Read this article for instructions.

With these buttons you can adjust the overview of the schedule. When you click on 'Day' you will see the schedule per day. When you click on 'Week' you will have an overview per week and when you click on 'Month' you will see the schedule for a month. 

'Today' shows you the date of today. You can recognize 'today' in the calendar by looking for the orange circle behind the date in the monthly overview. Or you see an orange stripe in the day/week overview. 


You can enter your availability in 'My schedule' by clicking on a day or selecting multiple days. A new screen will pop up where you can enter the details of your availability.


The various colors in the planning have a different meaning. 

Green: Available
Red: Not available
White: availability is unknown. 

Making an appointment

To make an appointment you have to select a date. At action you select 'make an appointment', fill in the date and times and click 'select'.

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