The My schedule module

In the My schedule module you can see your own planning and answer invitations. Based on your User role rights, you can also see or edit projects, availability, and appointmens for you or your colleagues.

In this article, we explain how to use the My Schedule module.



With the buttons on the top right corner you can adjust the overview of the calendar. Today shows you the date of today. You can recognize 'today' in the calendar by looking for the orange circle around the date in the monthly overview. Or you see an orange stripe in the day/week overview.

On the left column, you can edit the options for what to show in the calendar on the right.


By ticking this box you can see appointments. Tick the box next to your name to see your own appointments. If you have the right, you can also see the appointments of a single colleague (type the name in the search bar) or of all colleagues (select all ).  


By ticking this box you can see functions with planned crew members. Select me to see the functions you're planned on.  If you have the right, you can also see the appointments of a single colleague (type the name in the search bar) or of all colleagues (select all ).  


The functionalities in this section are limited. To have a more detailed overview of your projects, use the Projects module overview

By ticking this box you can see the projects planned. In the Which days section you can pick which days of the project you want to display:

  • Equipment out - the day in which the equipment leaves the warehouse.
  • Equipment in - the day in which the equipment comes back to the warehouse.
  • Need crew - the day(s) with crew functions planned.
  • Need transport - the day(s) with transport functions planned.
  • Every project day - All the days of the planning period.

In the Filters section you can filter the projects to display.

Synchronize with your own calendar?

With Calendar synchronization you can synchronize your Rentman calendar with another device


See/mark availability and add appointments

You can see/mark your own or your colleague's availability, and add appointments for yourself or the others, depending on your user role rights.

  1. Click on a single day, or click-and-drag to select a longer period.
  2. Select Availability or Appointment in the pop-up.
  3. Fill in each field.
  4. Click on Save .


The various colors in the calendar have a different meaning. 

  • Green: Available
  • Red: Not available
  • White: Availability unknown


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  • how can you edit the availability?
    it seems that once it's been entered, it can not be altered or deleted.
    marking a time period as unavailable over an unavailable period just overlays the red colour on green and looks like moss green.

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