General information in a project

In this article we will explain the options in the 'General' tab in projects. Here you can add a name, project number, status, times, notes and more.-

When you create or open a project, a project-screen with several sub-tabs will be shown. The general tab contains client, location, times, project name and other general information. 

General tab

Print slip
Choose the right slip to create packing slips (pullsheets), planning sheets (callsheets), quotations, invoices and other documents based on the project information. Find more information on creating documents here.

Fill in a project name which will be used as reference.

Project number
A unique project number is automatically generated used as a reference number. The number is automatically added based on a numerical row which can be changed in the configuration.

Project type
Choose a project type for each project containing basic settings. Project types also make it possible to differentiate between your different types of projects in statistics and in overviews. Change project types in configuration. More information on project types.

The status starts on option by default and switches manually or automatically (when a quotation is digitally signed) to confirmed or cancelled and can be changed based on the equipment location to packed, on location and returned. The status application and concept are only relevant when working with the customer login.

Client and location
Search in the contact database and choose a contact as client and location. Click the button to add a new contact. Edit a contact by clicking the . When a contact is selected you can choose a contact person connected to that contact.

Select one of the power users who will be accountmanager of the project.

The color is set by default based on the project type, you can overrule this color to make it stand out in the project module.

External reference
This is a reference you get from your customer and needs to end up on the quotation, invoice or other document.

Add times to connect it to your planning in the rest of your project. By default a planning and usage period are added, these are automatically connected to the equipment groups and items you plan. Add times for event-days, build and break and other times you will connect to crew functions and rides.

Times have a name and a start and end date+time. Edit by clicking on part of the time. Add new times by filling in the new line and click on the plus button on the right side or click enter. You can fully use the keyboard by using the tab button and arrow buttons.

Click on the arrow button on the right side to select the documents the times should be printed on. You can also select a time that should be used as the default usage and plan period.

Just as in the widget you can add and manage notes connected to the project.

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