Plan crew and vehicles on functions

It is possible to plan your crew temporary or definitely for crew functions. In this article we will explain how this works. 

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Temporary and definite planning

Temporary and definete planning
In the top left corner of your crew planner you can select "plan definitely" or "plan temporarily". This selection will be used for all you crew members. It is not possible to plan rides temporarily. 


The colors of your crew and functions show their status. 

Light blue: temporary.
Dark blue: definite. 

Green: enough crew is planned and it is planned definitely.
Yellow: enough crew is planned but is planned temporarily.
Red: not enough or no crew is planned. 

You can edit every planned crew in the crew planner individually. Right-click on the planned crew member and you get three options:

1. Temporary/definite: change the status.

2. Edit: edit the settings of crew member for a function. A new window will pop up where you can change the following settings:
- Times.
- How a crew member will go to the location.
- Adding notes. 

3. Delete: Delete a crew member from a function.  



In Rentman you can reserve a certain period of time for a crew member, this way you will be sure you have enough crew in busy weeks. To mark a period of time as a reservation you have to make sure the timeline in the bottom of your screen is opened (if it is not: click the clock in the top right corner ). Select the crew member that you which you want to mark a certain amount of time as a reservation. Select a the time period in the timeline. At action you can select "Mark as reservation". 

1. Select a crew member.
2. Select the time period in the timeline.
3. Click "Mark as reservation"
4. If needed, adjust time and dates. 
5. Click "select" to confirm. 

Another way to mark a period of time as a reservation is by inviting a crew member for a reservation. This way the crew member can accept or decline this reservation. To do this you choose "invite" instead of "mark as reservation" at action. 

Every crew member can see all invites, functions and reservations in 'My schedule'. Read more about 'My schedule' here.


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