Configure the Projects overview

By configuring the overview in the Projects module to your own preferences and needs, you can achieve a better overview of upcoming projects. By applying filters, you can choose how projects should be displayed and what information should be shown. You can also add columns to the overview to add useful information.

Example: You can use filters to only show the projects that are starting next month and have equipment shortages.-

Choose a view

You can choose between the following views in the Projects module:

  • Once
    A list of individual projects, easy to search through and find the project you are looking for.

  • Per day
    A list of projects, organized per day. This is useful to see what needs to happen on which day. You can also add the columns Crew members and Vehicles to the overview, so you can see which crew members and vehicles are planned for that day.

  • Calendar
    Projects shown over a 30-day period in a calendar.

  • Timeline
    A scrollable timeline with projects.

To choose a view in the Projects module:

  1. Click Filters.png to open the Filter sidebar.
  2. Choose your preferred view.


Apply filters

In the Filter sidebar of the Projects module, you can apply filters.

  1. Click Filters.png to open the Filter sidebar.

Search for projects using the following filters:


Searches for projects within the chosen time period.



In the Once view, you can also click  to show projects that don't have a date yet.

Which days

Choose which days of your projects should be shown in the Per day, Calendar and Timeline views.

Equipment out
Shows the first day of the project that equipment is planned on.

Equipment in
Shows the last day of the project that equipment is planned on.

Need crew
Shows days on which not enough crew is planned.

Need transport
Shows days on which not enough transport is planned.

Every project day
Shows all days that equipment, crew or transport is planned on.


Filter projects by their tag.

Read our article about using tags for more information.


Allows you to add an additional filter.

  1. Click the + next to Filters.

  2. Choose a filter from the list.
  3. Click Add.

Any additional filter that you add is immediately active. To disable it, you need to delete it from the Filter sidebar.

Save configuration as preset

You can save your filter configuration in a module as a (new) preset. This allows you to quickly switch between different overviews with a specific purpose.

  1. Click Filters.png to open the Filter sidebar.
  2. Scroll down in the sidebar and click Save selection as preset.

Some helpful presets are:

Confirmed projects
Has filter is confirmed

Option projects
Has filter is option

My confirmed projects
Has filters is confirmed and fixed value for Account manager

My option projects
Has filters is option and fixed value for Account manager

To be planned 
Has filter crew required and is confirmed

You can find other examples of useful presets in the Dashboard of Rentman.


If you click on any number in the Dashboard, you will be forwarded to the Projects module with that preset selected.

You can then save that preset by clicking Save selection as preset in the Filter sidebar.

Use widgets

Widgets in the Projects module are useful to quickly add a note, task, tag or file to a project. In the Widget sidebar you will also find a brief summary of project details.

For example, you could paste an e-mail message as a new note or upload a CAD drawing / blueprint.

Read our article about Widgets for more information.

Add, group and sort columns

Adding a column to the overview is useful to quickly see important information about a project. You can do this in the Once and Per day views.

For example, you can add the columns Crew members and Vehicles to the overview, so you can see which crew members and vehicles are planned for that day.

Some helpful columns to add are:

Already invoiced
Project price
Scheduled crew members
Vehicles scheduled

Grouping and sorting columns is also possible.

Read our article about Columns for more information.

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