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In this article we will explain how you can adjust the overview in projects. By doing this you will have a better idea of what is coming up and which tasks need to be done.-


In the projects section you have an overview of all your projects. By using the filters on the left you can customize your overview. It is also possible to change your overview by moving, adding or deleting columns. The widget on the right offers a preview of the project and gives the possibility to see your tasks quickly. 

In the dashboard you see all the relevant information for that specific day. When you click on one of the numbers it will immediately redirect you to the projects section.

Filters: period, presets, filters and labels

On the left side in the projects section you see the filter options (you can either show or hide the filter section by clicking the  on the top right in your screen). By using the filter options you can choose which projects are shown. 

Example: you want to see all the projects that are starting next week or you only want a list of the projects that have equipment shortages.


There are different views you can select in the project section. 

Once: All projects that start/end within the selected period of time will be shown with the start and end date in the overview only once. This way it is clear which projects are coming back in a certain time frame.
Per day: All project that are planned on that day will be shown in the overview. 
Calender: The calendar view shows the projects in the calendar. This gives an overview over a larger time frame. 

With the view options 'per day' and 'calendar' you can choose on which days the projects should be shown in the project overview. 

Equipment out: the first day that equipment is scheduled.
Equipment in: the last day that equipment is scheduled.
Need crew: days where not enough crew is scheduled.
Need transport: days where not enough transport is scheduled.
Everyday project: every day where equipment or crew/transport is scheduled.

Projects without a date
You can see projects without a date by clicking the 'projects without a date' button . The overview will show all projects w
ithout a date (according to your filters). 

Read our article about Filters for more information.


When you click on a project you are able to use the widget on the right to see a preview of the project. You can open or close the widget by clicking the widget button . The widget will show you the details, tags, tasks, notes and files of a project. Via widgets you can easily add or edit information, files or tasks. 

More information about widgets

Editing columns

By adding or deleting columns you can choose which information you will see in your project overview. By doing this you will only see relevant information. It is also possible to sort or group columns. 

Read more about editing columns


The dashboard shows mutiple widgets which show what is going on and what tasks need to be done. For example the dashboard shows a list of the of amount projects and of the amount of projects in option. When you click on one of the numbers you will be redirected to the projects section. 

More information about the dashboard.  

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