Columns: sort, group and hide

The selection shown depends on the selection options, the information shown depends on the columns in the list. The lists have default information columns sorted and grouped in a certain way. In this article we will explain how you can edit the columns.-

Information in modules is shown in lists, the information shown depends on the visible columns. You can easily change the information by adding or hiding columns and by changing how the list is sorted or grouped.

Add a column

  1. In a module, click on the Columns button Columns.png and choose Add columns.
  2. Choose a column, and click Add_2.png.


Hide a column

Click on the arrow button next to a column name and click on 'hide column'. Hide columns if you do not use the information or when your screen is too small.

Sort your columns

A list is always sorted on a value or on alphabet. What items will be shown on top depends on the way the list is sorted. To change how a list is sorted, click on the column name, to sort it in the opposite direction click the column name again. As example, one way to sort a list is on start- or end-date. In the GIF below you can see how sorting works.

Group your columns

A list can be grouped on value or text. By grouping a list, all items with the same value or text will be shown in the same group. To group a list, click on the 'arrow button' next to a column name and select 'group'. A list can have multiple group levels, to group on a second level select 'group' on a different column. To ungroup a column click on the arrow button again and click 'ungroup'. 

An example of grouping a list is to group the project overview on project type so all projects with the same project types are grouped together. An example of a list grouped on two columns is the project overview first grouped on date and then on project types, the list will now group project types together for each day.


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