Create and duplicate a project

In this article, we explain how to add or duplicate a project.-


Small rental projects or big productions all start by making a project in Rentman. Once you have made a project you will be able to make invoices, call sheets, quotations etc. 

By adding general information like times, client, location and adding equipment, crew and transport to the project you will be ready to go. 

You will add crew and transport functions in a project, to edit the function or the plan certain people or vehicles on these functions you have to go to the crew planner. 

You have an overview of all projects in the projects section:

Add a project

To start a new project you have to go the projects section. There are different ways to start a project. The quickest way is to use a project template. A project template is a mostly filled in project that you can use as a basis for all your projects. 

Add an empty project
Click on the '+Add' button to add a new project empty project. 

Project templates
Click on the arrow next to '+Add' button and select a project template. This way you will use a partially filled in project which you can edit to start a new project in a quicker way. 

Read more about making project templates

Duplicating a project
It is also possible to duplicate a project, this way you can edit it to start a new project. The first thing you have to do is search for the project that you would like to duplicate. Click the duplicate button  and choose a new date for the project. Now you can choose the options for this project. 

Planning a project

As soon as you have added a project you can start planning. In the project there are six categories where you can plan the details of the project. 

-Crew and transport
-Additional costs

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