Setting up your equipment in Rentman

In this article, we show how to get your equipment into Rentman and start planning for your projects.

Create the right folder structure

A good folder structure is essential to stay organized and find your information faster. In Rentman, you are free to set your own folder structure in the Equipment module, like this:


Add or import your equipment

Getting your equipment into the database allows you to start planning your equipment on projects. You can add your equipment items one by one, or import an equipment list (useful to import a large number of items in one go).

You can empty the sample database from your Rentman trial (optional). To do this, go to the 'Configuration' module > Settings > Empty database. Note that you cannot restore your trial data after deleting it.

Group your equipment

You can create kits and cases to group your equipment. This is useful for quicker planning, making sure you're not forgetting equipment and generating clear equipment lists on your documents. Aside from grouping equipment into kits and cases, you can also add items to other equipment as accessories.

Create discount and factor groups

You can set up discount groups and factor groups l to give your clients a discount on equipment. A discount group is useful for fixed discounts, and factor groups for discounts that depend on the number of days an item is rented.

Set up QR codes or barcodes (optional)

You can set up QR codes and barcodes to track the location of your equipment. Additionally, you can scan items for repairs abd check for any forgotten items when packing for projects. Rentman also allows you to directly generate and print QR codes.

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