Setting up your equipment in Rentman

When getting started with Rentman, you need to delete the sample database from your trial, and create your own folder structure. You add your equipment in the Equipment module, or by importing an equipment file (Excel or .CSV). Afterwards, you can combine your equipment items into kits and cases to plan projects quicker and keep a clear overview on your documents. It's also possible to add accessory items to a kit or case. Finally, you can set up QR codes, barcodes or RFID codes to scan and book the status of your items and serial numbers.-

Empty your trial database

Before adding equipment, you should empty the sample database from your Rentman trial. To do this, go to the Configuration module > Settings > Empty database. Note that you cannot restore your trial data after emptying.

Create the right folder structure

A good folder structure is essential to stay organized and find your information faster. In Rentman, you are free to set your own folder structure in the Equipment module, like this:


We advise setting up a logical and consistent folder structure in the the Equipment, Contacts, Crew members and Vehicles modules before you start adding or importing your data.

Read our article about creating your folder structure.

Add or import your equipment

When getting started with Rentman, you need to add or import your equipment into the Rentman database. With your equipment in our secure database, you can start planning your equipment on projects, check availability of equipment, mark equipment for repairs, book the status of equipment for your projects, and more.

Note: Rentman supports equipment items and serial numbers. Read our article about items and serial numbers to learn the difference.

Add your equipment

You can add your equipment to the Rentman database in the Equipment module. You choose between an item, kit or case. First, you supply basic information such as a name, equipment code, pricing, specifications, and folder location. Afterwards, you configure and fill in all other available tabs. Click on the header above to read our dedicated article about adding equipment.

Import your equipment

You can import a .xlsx (Excel) or .csv file that contains all information about your equipment. You can import an equipment file with, or without serial numbers. After importing, your equipment will be added to the Rentman database. Click on the header above to read our dedicated article about importing equipment, including step-by-step instructions and an import template that you can use as an example.

Create kits and cases (and add accessories)

When you've added your equipment to your Rentman database, you can combine them into kits and cases. Additionally, you can add an item to a kit or case as an accessory. Combining equipment is useful for quicker planning, making sure you're not forgetting equipment, and for keeping an overview of equipment on any documents that you generate.

Item Case Kit Accessories
All equipment in Rentman is first added as an item.

For example: a speaker, lamp, CD-player, or a cable.


  • Each item can have multiple serial numbers. When you have five of the same speakers, you have five serial numbers of one item. We sometimes call these "individual items". Read more about items and serial numbers in this article.

Read our article about creating kits and cases (and adding accessories) for instructions.

Set up QR codes, barcodes or RFID codes

QR codes, barcodes and RFID codes are used for scanning equipment items or serial numbers in Rentman. Scanning allows you to quickly and easily track the location and status of an item or serial number. You can also quickly scan items that must be repaired, and check if you forgot to pack any items for a project.

We recommend using QR codes, because they can be printed in smaller formats than barcodes (starting from 7mm * 7mm). Additionally, you can generate, download and print QR codes in Rentman.

Read our article about setting up QR codes, barcodes and RFID codes for instructions.

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