The Subhire module provides an overview of all created subhires, and all current shortages on your projects. It allows you to quickly see current shortages so that you can solve them.

If you don't have permission to access the Subhire module, ask a power user to change your user role.

Available for: Lite Classic Pro

View all shortages

In the Shortages tab of the Subhire module, you can quickly see all current equipment shortages of your projects.

Tip: You can set up your filters and presets to view the equipment you're most interested to. For example, you might only want to see the shortages for confirmed projects.



Solve shortages (add a subhire)

In the Subhires tab, you can add a new subhire for the needed equipment items. Your stock is increased for the period of the subhire, so that your equipment shortages can be solved.

View all created subhires

In the Subhires tab, you can also see all previously created subhires for your projects. In the Filter sidebar Filter.png, you can use filters and presets to search or change the selection in the overview.

Equipment availability

In the equipment timeline of your project, you can see the current availability of your planned equipment items. When an item is in stock, the amount will displayed in green. If there is a shortage of an item, this will be displayed in red. You can also reserve equipment for projects that are not confirmed yet.

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