The Subhire module

The Subhire module provides an overview of all created subhires, and all current shortages on your projects. It allows you to quickly see current shortages so that you can solve them.

If you don't have permission to access the Subhire module, ask a power user to change your user role.

Available for: Lite Classic Pro


View all shortages

Read our article about the overview of all equipment shortages.

Add a new subhire

In the Subhires tab, you can also add a new subhire by manually adding the needed equipment items.

Read our article about adding subhires for instructions.

View all created subhires

  1. Go to the Subhires tab to see all previously created subhires for your projects.

This overview is useful to keep track of subhires. In the Filter sidebar Filter.png, you can use filters and presets to search or change the selection in the overview.

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