Plan crew and vehicles on functions

In the Crew Planner module, you can plan crew members and vehicles on the crew- and transport functions that you've added to your project.

You can also plan crew members and vehicles in the Planning tab of your project. Please read this article for instructions.

In this article, we how to use the Crew Planner for planning. You can also watch our video below:


Change visibility

You can make crew- and transport functions visible or invisible to a crew member. This is useful when you are still editing the planning, and don't want your crew member(s) to see it yet.

Read our article about visible and invisible planning for more information.

Plan a crew member or vehicle

  1. Open the Crew Planner.
  2. Find (and unfold) your project in the overview.
  3. Click on a crew or transport function in the overview.
  4. Click the Resources button Resources.png to open the Resources sidebar.
  5. In the sidebar, choose Crew members or Vehicles.
  6. In the sidebar, double-click on a crew member or vehicle.
    They are added to the overview, and are now planned on the function that you've selected in step 3.

Edit a planned crew member or vehicle

  1. Find (and unfold) your project in the overview.
  2. Right-click on a planned crew member or vehicle.
  3. Choose Edit.

You can configure the following:

Project leader
Choose "Yes" or "No". This is for internal reference only. You can add this information to your callsheet templates, for example.

Crew member rate
Choose the salary rate for this crew member. 

Choose between No transport, Round trip, Only way there, Only way back. This is needed to add travel time to the planning of a crew member.

Planning period
Manually enter a planning period for this planned function. You can also do this by moving around the function in the overview.

This information is sent to the crew member (via e-mail), when the final planning is communicated to them. This information will also show in his/her My Schedule module.

Reserve a crew member or vehicle

You can reserve a time period for a crew member or vehicle. This is useful to make sure you've got enough crew or vehicles in a busy period. Your crew member will see the reservation in their My Schedule module.

  1. Open the Crew Planner.
  2. Click the Resources button Resources.png to open the Resources sidebar.
  3. Click the Timeline button Timeline.png to open the Timeline.
  4. In the Resources sidebar, choose Crew members or Vehicles.
  5. In the Resources sidebar, select one (or more) crew member(s) or vehicle(s).
  6. In the Timeline, you will see their availability for the selected time period.
  7. Click, drag, and release your mouse in the Timeline.
  8. Next to Action, choose Mark as reserved.
  9. Click Select.

The reservation is now added to the Timeline, and your overview. It looks like this:


Send an invite

You can also invite a crew member to accept or decline a reservation. He/she will receive a notification of your invitation, via e-mail, the Rentman App, and/or Rentman in their webbrowser. Crew members will also see invitations in the My Schedule module.

  1. Follow steps 1-7 above.
  2. Next to Action, choose Invite.
  3. (Optional) Select additional days.
  4. Choose the due date.
    This is a deadline for the crew member, for accepting or declining this invitation.
  5. Choose Reserve for period.
    This determines the purpose of this invitation.
  6. Click Invite.

In the Crew Planner, invitations are shown in the Timeline and in your overview.

  • Invitation sent Invitation_pending.png
  • Invitation accepted Invitation_accepted.png
  • Invitation declined Invitation_declined.png

Configure salary rates

Apply a rate

When you add a member to your crew, you can configure a default salary rate.

But when you plan the crew member on a function, you can apply a different rate than the Default rate.

  1. Right-click the name of your crew member in the schedule.
  2. Choose Edit.
  3. Next to Crew member rate, select the rate to apply.
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