Setting up your contacts in Rentman

In this article, we provide an overview of the steps to get your contacts into Rentman so you can manage your clients and communicate with other important people or companies.-

Create the right folder structure

A good folder structure is essential to stay organized and find your information faster. In Rentman, you are free to set your own folder structure in the Contacts module, like this:


Read our article about creating your folder structure.

Add or import your contacts

Getting your contacts into the database allows you to keep an overview of all contacts for your projects. You can do this in two ways:

Add your contacts
Adding your contacts is useful when you want to add a single (or small number) of contacts to the Rentman database.

Import your contacts
Importing your contacts is useful when you want to add all (or a large number) of contacts at once. This works by uploading your .xlsx file (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets) that contains a complete list of your contacts.

Group your contacts

Customers can sometimes also be your suppliers. Therefore, you might want to group your contacts. You can do this by assigning the same tag to contacts.

Read our article about using tags.

Apply discounts for a contact

Sometimes, you might want to give a discount to a specific contact. You can give a contact discounts for:

  • crew costs 
  • transport costs
  • subhire costs
  • total price of a project

Read our article about applying discounts for a contact.

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