Adding vehicles

You can add or edit your vehicles in the Vehicles module.

If you want to quickly add all of your vehicles at once, importing your vehicles is a better option.

When adding a vehicle, you supply its basic information such as its name, registration number, load capacity, and vehicle inspection date.

In this article, we explain how to add or edit vehicles. Additionally, we go over specific options that you can fill in.

Available for: Lite Classic Pro

Add a vehicle

  1. Go to the Vehicles module and choose + Add.
  2. Fill in all information about your vehicle. Read more about the options further down in this article.

Edit a vehicle

  1. In the Vehicles module, double-click an existing vehicle to edit their information.

Vehicle options

Choose the folder where this vehicle should be stored.
If you want to create a new folder, read our article about creating your folder structure.

Display in planner
If you select Yes, this vehicle will be displayed in the planner and can be planned on a vehicle function. If you select No, the vehicle will not be shown and cannot be planned. This is useful for vehicles that you still own, but don't use anymore.

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