Adding crew members

You can add or edit your crew members in the Crew members module.

If you want to quickly add all of your crew members at once, importing your crew members is a better option.

In the Data tab of your crew member, you supply their basic information.

In this article, we explain how to add or edit crew members. Additionally, we explain how to add salary rates for a crew member. Finally, we go over specific options in the Data tab.

Available for: Lite Classic Pro


Add a crew member

  1. Go to the Crew members module and choose + Add.
  2. Fill in their information in the Data tab. Read more about the options further down in this article.
  3. In the Rates tab, you can configure their salary rates. Read how to do this further down in this article.

Edit a crew member

  1. In the Crew members module, double-click an existing crew member to edit their information.

Create a login

You need to create a user login for each crew member. In the Data tab, fill in the following:

  • username
    The first name of your crew member is a good option, or perhaps something like JohnS.
  • password
    Needed for first-time login. The crew member can change their password afterwards.
  • user role
    Determines the rights and permissions for this person. Read more in this article.

Data tab

Choose the folder where this crew member should be stored.
If you want to create a new folder, read our article about creating your folder structure.

User role
Select the user role that this crew member should have. This determines what rights they have in Rentman. Read more in our article about User roles.

Login information

Choose Yes if the crew member is currently employed by you. If you choose No, the crew member cannot log in to their Rentman account, and cannot be planned on functions anymore. This is useful for people that no longer work for you. We recommended that you don't delete a crew member, because all of their past data will be lost. Therefore, it is recommended to turn them inactive.

Enter the email address that your crew member used to create their Rentman account.

Enter the username of the crew member.

Enter the password that this crew member should use to log in.


Default rate
Choose which crew member rate should be applied by default. Read the section Create crew member rates in this article for more information.

Address information

Show/Hide map 
Click on Show map to view the Google Maps location of the address in this section.


Display in planner
If you select Yes, this crew member will be displayed in the crew planner and can be planned on a function. If you select No, the crew member will not be shown and cannot be planned. This is useful for people that don't work for you anymore, or people who always work from the office.

Subhire company
If you use an employment agency (hiring company) to recruit crew members, it's recommended to create a new Crew member.

For example, if you hire people from employment agency Randstad, create a new crew member named "Randstad".

In the Data tab of this new crew member, scroll down to the Availability field.

Can be scheduled only once simultaneously
If you choose this option, you can only plan "Randstad" once.

Can be used multiple times at the same time (hiring company)
If you choose this option, you can plan "Randstad" multiple times. This makes it easy to plan multiple crew members that were recruited from the same employment agency.

Use tags to add skills

You can use tags to add skills to a crew member, such as DJtruck driver, or forklift driver. This is useful to quickly filter in the Crew members module, and for planning the right person on the right job.

Read our article about using tags

Create crew member rates

  1. When adding or editing a crew member, go to the Rates tab.
  2. Choose + Add.
  3. Fill in the name, hourly rate and daily rate.
  4. Fill in the maximum number of hours. When a crew member goes over this number of hours, the hourly rate is charged.

In the Data tab, under Default rate, you can choose which of the rates should be set as default.

Apply a different rate

You can apply a different rate than the Default rate when you plan the crew member on a function.

In the Crew planner module

  1. Right-click the name of your crew member in the schedule.
  2. Choose Edit.
  3. Next to Crew member rate, select the rate to apply.

Planning from within a project

  1. In the Planning tab of your project, double-click on your crew member.
  2. Next to Crew member rate, select the rate to apply.

Frequently asked questions

I use an employment agency (hiring company) to recruit crew members. How do I add and plan them?
Read the section Data tab > Details in this article.
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