Import your crew members

If you have a spreadsheet of your crew members, you can import this into Rentman. 

You can also quickly add a single (or small number) of crew members in the Crew members module.

Available for: Lite Classic Pro


Before you start

Here's what you need before importing your crew member list:

  • An Excel or .csv file with your crew members' information.
    • Use clear headers (titles) in the first row of your file.
  • (Optional) A logical folder structure in the Crew members module, so you can stay organized and find your crew members faster.
    • In your file, the folder path should be specified in the Folder column:
      freelancers/lighttechnician or office/planners

What information can I import?

Description, Email, First name, Folder, Last name, Middle name, Phone

Availability, Display in planner, Driving license, Emergency contact, Receive emails

Login information
You cannot import passwords or crew rates.

Bank account number, Birthdate, CoC number, Company name, Contract date, Hours in contract, Passport number, Social security number, VAT identification number

Address information
Address, City, Country, Extra address line, House number, Postal code, State/Province

Import your crew member file

  1. Go to the Crew members module.
  2. Click on the Columns button Columns.png and choose Import.


  3. Upload your crew member file. A preview of your file (the first 8 rows) will be shown in the next screen.

  4. If your file has column titles (headers) in the first row, select

    Check.png Contains headers.

    This means that the first row of your file
     will not be imported.
  5. Match the titles of your columns to the titles in Rentman. This is necessary, because your own columns might have a (slightly) different name.

    In this example, the last column in your file is called Date of birth. However, in Rentman the name of this column is Birthdate.
  6. In the next step, choose what to do with duplicate rows. If you're updating your crew members, read this article.


    If you choose Skip duplicate rows Rentman does not import elements that are already in your database. When you choose this option, you need to select which columns in your file should be scanned for duplicates. We call these unique columns. When Rentman finds an element in your database and a row in your .xlsx file with the same values in the selected unique columns (like Name or Code), the row will be skipped (not imported). This option is useful if in the .xlsx file there are crew members you have already imported in the past, and you want to avoid having duplicates in your database.

    If you want to update the items in your database (example: list price), read how to do it in our article about updating data.

  7. Select the root folder of your own folder structure. The root folder is the folder at the top, and it contains your folder structure.


  8. Choose Next step and click Import when you've checked all data.

Frequently asked questions

Can I import crew rates and passwords?
No, this is unfortunately not possible.

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